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  1. cmc that will be 20 dollars pls
  2. The one thing that should have inheritance (100% is best) and also a much higher throw speed than in q3 is flags. You should also be able to boost them by midairing them with rockets, so a good throw forwards while you've got some speed and an immediate rocket afterwards can really make the thing fly. They call that a Punt in tribes. With regards to projectile weapons, unless you're two people traveling around at like 1300ups and chasing each other for longer amounts of time in big open maps (essentially the tribes experience), inheritance makes no sense. chasing is virtually the only scenario where it offers any advantage. It doesn't add anything to normal slow-speed fights or shots where one participant is practilally standing still (= almost all combat in reflex/cpm).
  3. You may have noticed this thread is over 8 months old, and mouse optimization has taken quite a few steps since then. I don't have the look of the current mouse options screen in my head, but I mean to remember that it's pretty good. Nice graph of degrees turned over m/s and everything.
  4. Mizzu

    prdm8 - Hieratic

    "Ghastly Threat" sounds better Dwarf Fortress is great at generating names as well. Consider "Hairy basements" or "The Fatal Crypt". Also, consider Mappy McMapface
  5. Looking forward to all off this. Thank you for making this list, it's great to know what to get excited about. With regards to mutators, I hope you will look at the obvious inspiration Unreal Tournament. But you might also want to look at the Wormpot in the 3D Worms games. http://worms.wikia.com/wiki/Wormpot
  6. Mizzu

    I made some gifs.

    these are webms not gifs.
  7. Mizzu


    Recent and relevant discussion: http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3554-suggestion-workshop-widgets/#comment-27879 Regarding the approval process, I'd like to highlight my own comment in that thread: Put widgets in workshop and simply let server owners/the player base decide what widgets are allowed, they same way the server owners/the playerbase should also be the ones writing the rulesets (and not the developers...). This does not mean that everyone has to use the same hud since the degree of customisability within one individual widget can be very high (options screen) + if there are for example 50 different weapon bar widgets in popular use, server owners can just allow all of them with a list. If server owners/the playerbase don't want any restrictions and want to allow the player client to run any widgets (the way it is now), they should be able to do so. How would that work? Should players be allowed to see what kind of widgets others are using? Should there have to be a admin online at all times? You know, you can't automate this. I don't think it is programmatically possible to detect all widgets that do a certain thing due to the power of lua (people would find ways around it). Firefox recently tried a similar thing where they tried to implement a system that automically blacklists "malicious" addons. Failed horribly. Read this if you're interested. It cannot be done. That's why a lockhud system can only be *inclusive* and not exclusive, meaning a whitelist of wanted widgets can be implemented (easily), but a blacklist of all not wanted widgets (for example those that time for you) is impossible because there are essentially infinite variations of them. It would be great if some lua wizard can quickly comment on this.
  8. Mizzu


    Well, anybody who knows lua and wants timers can still have them (in a kinda limited form), as klyph0rd pointed out. Have a widget that starts a 25 second countdown whenever your armor suddenly increases by 50/100/150. Alternatively, start a countdown by keypress. (And that might actually be a sane middleground between no-clock-at-all and all-respawn-times-on-the-map-on-display-for-everybody.) Lockhud (the possibility for server owners to define what widgets are allowed to run (and *not* which ones you can't run, this cannot be done)) will be the only measure short of removing the UI scripting that will give you a guarantee that players don't use timers. But it's not like the fact that anybody who wants timers can have them has stopped tournaments from being run. There have been tournaments, and good games were had. Turns out timers don't magically make you a quake god.
  9. Mizzu

    Getting votekicked from a public server

    You have tried talking to them, haven't you (ideally in german)? If yes, and it didn't help, I would consider grabbing 3 random people in discord, have them all join the server simultainously, then collectively votekick those two guys with the power of democracy (I hope specs can vote...) and use https://reflex.syncore.org/ to kick them out of any other servers they may join. Just once, to send a message.
  10. Mizzu

    [Suggestion] Workshop widgets

    I formulated related thoughts in a recent youtube comment* about lockhud: HUDs: Why not have the server owner specify the allowed widgets? They're just .lua files, right? Just have them on the server and give them to the clients when they join and say "These are all widgets you're allowed to use" (as this is what lockhud factually is, disallow certain local hud files). Servers would converge towards certain huds that would establish themselves as the given competitive or casual ruleset, or truly casual servers would just allow players to use whatever local files they have (or offer a wider spectrum of allowed files). Alternatively, you could also give this workshop support, e.g. "This bunch of widgets is called Ruleset A and has workshop id X", and servers can have them available or load them from the workshop the same way they do with maps right now. So e.g. if someone wanted to teach newbies, they could callvote the "Item Timers On" ruleset (just a bunch of widgets) the same way they callvote a map from the workshop, do a hud_reload, and then you have Timers without the newb having to install a bunch of text files in steamapps/reflex/ui/blablabla the folders. This would also solve the aspect of client-side customisation ("Iwant my health widget at the top of the screen and in black on white"), as the degree of it can be specified inside each widget file separately and the players can do that in the options screen (if they want, there should of course be sane defaults). * link (remove the braces after youtube): https://www.youtube(.)com/watch?v=SQWN6Irri_4
  11. Mizzu

    What becomes for IRC ?

    > IRC is superior in all ways Incorrect. IRC is superior in many ways (can be used on non-mainstream OSs, is open source since it's just a protocoll, plethora of clients, not bound to a central entity and much more), but there are also areas where it's inferior (and it's the areas 90% of people actually care about, convenience, appearance, voicechat, images, dank memes etc.). > Most people already use and know how to use IRC Extremely incorrect. 99% of computer users do not know what IRC even is, let alone how to use it. Of Reflex's intended audience I'd say maybe 20% know how to use it, and of those, maybe 10% care about the advantages IRC offers and think they are worth it. > It is not worth it for me, to use such a program, my computer cannot handle more programs, I do not want to install them, and web browser takes too much memory. Same here. > IRC is very successful Arguably incorrect. It's kinda stupid to say it's very succesfull and to then illustrate that point by listing a bunch of games nobody plays. > Reflex misses a chance for lots of players Extremely incorrect. "Lots of players" for me means five-digit number of people playing the game at any given moment. More people than quakenet ever had non-idling users at any given moment (80% of people sitting in IRC channels never say a damn thing). > You can innovate with it as well ! Yes, but nobody does. Even the recent undertakings of IRCv3 do not show any inclinations to make IRC anything but a text-based chat protocoll, and it's okay if it stays that way. It is not supposed to implement voicechat, multimedia content or be a gamer thing. It's a tool people use to get work done. Sincerely, a guy who runs weechat in a terminal to login to IRC regularly.
  12. Mizzu


    Some people might appreciate thee following alternative race hud:
  13. Mizzu

    What the future holds for reflex?

    You'll see. edit: perhaps some answers in here:
  14. Mizzu

    Workshop Test Branch

    Nice solution. Will players still be able to make, save and load up rflx_dust2 through other non-workshop means (namely reflexfiles.com)? And does this include stuff by id software? What about derivative work? How different does a map have to be?
  15. Mizzu

    Suggestions, War: Final Assault

    didn't read, but instant like for contemplating game mechanics of some weird obscure 10 year old game nobody has ever heard about.