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  1. Hello, Just thought the community deserved to know the extent of what ((Garou)) did close after the launch of Reflex. Imgur album of exposing, and down right embarrassing logs. Other than that, self-boosting to be the first prime overlord in EU, close to launch. Abusing several exploits within Matchmaking as a way to force the developers to fix the issues faster. Not the type of person you'd want to associate your entire game with, which is currently using HIS ruleset. @Ramagan Care to make a comment?
  2. promEUs

    Water skimming?

    You mean something like this?
  3. promEUs

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    This is starting to sound like a certain cpm map.
  4. promEUs

    Ishdm12 - Angarr's Gate

    Angarr's Gate FFA/CA map by Irish & promEUs [Workshop Link] Screenshots slightly outdated, will be fixed SOON tm
  5. promEUs

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Been a while since I've posted anything here - Latest progress of the map Irish posted screens off up above
  6. promEUs

    Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [EU]

    Had it been a month or two ago I would have donated, but can't this month Anyway at least a tournament of this size is going to be a much better and proper(!) testing grounds for experimental changes, so kudos for following up. Maybe I'll donate something from my inventory, we'll see.
  7. promEUs

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    but what IS it? Here's some test I posted in the discord the other day
  8. I've always thought the tiered armor system is in a way weird (Just think about the number you have to get down to pick up YAs or GAs, it's odd) I think there are some visual changes you could make the whole system more intuitive without changing anything in-game. For example, when you walk over an ammo box and you have full ammo for that specific type, have something that pops up flashing near the weapon bar saying "MAX AMMO" You could possibly do the same with the armor bar, flashing the amount you need to be at to be able to pick up the armor you're standing on. Another change I've thought about for a while is properly implemented 3d item timers (yes even in competitive) that only show up when you're fairly close to an item and they don't show seconds but more inaccurate chunks. (think pie timers)
  9. promEUs

    Sanctum - prdm9

    Update 16/03 - Swapped the megahealth and bolt positions - Removed odd bushes up by the top, adding a new platform with 3 x 5health bubbles - Swapped upper rocket launcher and yellow armor positions - Swapped Red armor and the red teleporter exit - Some clip fixes
  10. promEUs

    matchmaking bug

    I mean.. someone gaming the MM system?! Who could it beeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. promEUs

    Small suggestions/bugs

    Spectators in MM games can do "roll" in console and it'll play a chat beep for everyone
  12. promEUs

    Ramagan's stream and youtube channel

    He made an alt account, got to high diamond or something then queued into his main account to forfeit the elo. Posted the video of it
  13. promEUs

    Sanctum - prdm9

    - A lot of clipping fixes - Slightly raised the roof of the map - A new secret to hunt
  14. promEUs

    Static Discharge

    - Rolled back gameplay to Legacy version with some changes kept (bolt placement, for one) - Very interested in feedback here - Send me hatemail if this bothers you
  15. promEUs

    Some minor improvements

    I think we agree on the goal here, but I just don't think clean maps is a solution. Probably since I'm so invested into making the game shine visually