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  1. Custom Ruleset Poll

    Respect the pakho.
  2. Reflex 1.1.0

    why can't we queue for proving grounds and the normal map pool at the same time? I can't see an obvious downside.
  3. Reflex 1.1.0

  4. Also, is 10% retention of new players bad? I suspect that's pretty good, especially with how competitive the multiplayer-fps market is at the moment. I'm not saying there's nothing more that can or should be done to help new players. But I doubt that the Triple-A fps games hold on to their players any better, they just have much more money for sustained marketing than reflex does and natural exposure from their larger playerbase, both of which help keep new players coming in. (even if only 10% stay long term.)
  5. Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Also continuing the animal theme, when you add the supporter battle mace you should add a dog head to go with the bear mace.
  6. Cosmetic suggestions thread

    a rabbit head would be fun too.
  7. Reflex 1.0.4 -- All the hot fixes

    I'm not sure what today's patch was but if you havn't seen them yet: Colossal arms are showing up as pitch black for a lot of people. If you drop frames and get the message "stall detected, skipping gamestate's to catch up" the bots will remain frozen in place afterwards. If a player ragequits a mm game (disconnects rather than forfeit) you do not receive any of the gold coin youlks. Stake gun can damage other players in race mode.
  8. Reflex Arena Launch!

  9. Reflex 0.48.2

    I can't connect to servers (even local ones.) I connect for half a second and then get booted back to the main menu. prints the following to console: client: disconnecting due to excessive outbound reliable queue client: disconnected EDIT: this only occurred once i'd tried matchmaking for the first time, maybe it's related?
  10. Reflex 0.48.2

    My own cosmetics have been broken since 0.48.1 (others have had the same issue) and my colour overrides arn't applying while spectating.
  11. thanks for lowering the sound of your own ion/bolt, i can finally hear myself think.
  12. Reflex 0.47.1

    It may not be possible with the global sounds, but is there a way to lower the volume of your own ion/bolt hum without affecting the volume of the enemy's? I can't concentrate with the constant buzzing in my ear.
  13. Reflex 0.45.0

    I can't find cl_colors_enemy & cl_colors_friend. Just returns "unknown command "cl_colors_enemy"" any way to read these with lua? @D-X figured it out, it's "cl_color_enemy" not "cl_colors_enemy" as stated above
  14. OsHud

    updated OsWeaponRack.lua to v.1.1.0 changes are listed in first post.