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  1. Thump4

    Reflex 0.47.1

    What can we do to get experimental_plus on more servers
  2. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's a simple opportunity for a better to bet $1 to $20 on the match and double up on the winner. The fact that sane and I are coughing up our own $250 each to pay the other player if they win shows that there is only an incentive on either side to win. If someone wanted to bet, they'd be payed out fairly. It's a way for the community to get involved in the game like boxing.
  3. If the bets are not even, then I will absorb the loss, as I will pay out the winners double regardless of who they pick. $20 bets max. If you consider a measly government officer rate as "bank" then sure, sure. Let's just say I'm throwing it all on the line to shut this online-only personality down for good.
  4. Match Rules: Experimental Ruleset Best of 5 (pocket infinity, the blue catalyst, simplicity, furnace, and static discharge) The #Thump4-Fair Map Order Procedure (distributes momentum changes throughout the duration of match by pushing dominant maps to the middle, ensuring the fairest order possible) Each player types: /roll 100 High roll player: suspends a map (temporary drop) Low roll player: suspends a map (temporary drop) High roll player: picks first map that wasn't suspended Low roll player: picks second map that wasn't suspended High roll player picks from all remaining maps If 4th map is necessary, Low roll player picks from all remaining maps If 5th map is necessary, final unplayed map is played First player to 3 map wins wins the match, the prizes, and the bets are executed. Bet winners make double on the player of their choice, whereas betting losers on their choice lose all.
  5. Betting rules: Any bet up to $20 bets. Double your money or lose. Bet here to the koa pool, and say who you want to win in the comment.
  6. Necromancer, just like your telefrag took it on simplicity. Even though I went into the teleporter after you, somehow reflex says I got telefragged. I'm not sure if that type of luck will exist for you on LAN in the future... You sit in a box and you cs people with 20 rail ammo. That does not constitute being a fun player to watch, and it's also why the tides have already shifted in our gameplay. You are afraid to toe to toe with me. Your gameplay is consistent with your excuse-making personality, and horrible sportsmanship after you easily lost to a lagged Ramagan twice in a row. This is consistent with what q3 players at quakecon said about you. I say give the French ally some credit for putting in the 80 hours of practice after he lost his job. Or maybe he's on the French equivalent of social security / disability. Either way, his time paid off and he won his $100 fortune or whatever. If I wanted to admit that my body was pumping adrenaline to fight off the hangover from the night before, then I would have made the "pre excuse," but we are two different types. I played through the pain and still you ran with 1 frag left to go. You would not a difficult matchup for next-time, which is why sane will be shut down on Mischief Night, and not you. Now let the big boys go to work.
  7. Thanks Delementary for the stream services. Thanks ckap for the stand-in game. Thump4 > Sane due to sane forfeit.
  8. Thump4

    2016-10-16 | Bunny Cup NA

    This 'king' character is obviously masquerading as someone he is not, or he is a proponent thereof. At this point, and for those of you watching at home, I have no choice but to consider them all to be a giant basket of deplorables.
  9. Thump4

    2016-10-16 | Bunny Cup NA

    For below-average players, like CMCsane, and for average players, like CMCguilt, only hitting 20% ic, or 27.2 dps, means it might be easier for them to just aim better rather than comparing various rulesets with negligible differences in ic output. Edit: I forgot to mention that there is a huge prize purse this time that could pay for new hardware, or even other bills around the apartment, and he should instead be focusing on that.
  10. Kevin, you are doing a damn good job by taking community input. There is a saying that you should praise in public and reprimand in private. However, there is a known exception to this when you are dealing with a known plague... I am obviously praising you, brother, but now it's time to publicly reprimand someone. A true violation of the rule. Simply put: you can't expect a 5 foot tall / skinny / antisocial kid, who steals peoples money online, to give you valid results in anything. Serp and Break told me everything about the real-life anton aka 'sane'. You should not negotiate with a jackanapes like him (or her?). There are reasons he bailed on a bunch of LANs throughout the years, and there are reasons he did not show up for Quakecon. He can grow some confidence by not no-showing for an online event (should be no-big-deal when you don't have to go out in public) where he can't rely on little timers on the side of the reflex screen to make the tactical decisions for him. I remember I won CAL painkiller in 2004, and still I had to play Stermy in round 1 of the first painkiller LAN USA qualifier. I manned up and I played him - I started off winning 7-0 and his whole Italian entourage and management began screaming at him like the russian team screaming at Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. Yes, I got seedfucked. But Stermy was also seedfucked because he had to play the winner of CAL painkiller in round 1 (single elimination). So good job on taking a survey and getting community input on seeds. This will allow a known jackanapes the opportunity to NOT get seedfucked round 1. As I am the human reincarnate of Quake, i.e. I can feel Quake Champions calling my soul, I will accept any seed and I will play through it like a Quake Dinosaur - a true Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  11. This looks like a reflex original map pool. Awesome dude. Now audiences may be able to reference reflex itself instead of referencing it in association with games from the past... ;-)
  12. You didn't have the skill to backtrack, nor did you have the balls to compete in quakeworld at quakecon. What makes you think you'll have the balls to play in any real tournaments in the future... Once a supporter in Redemption and Pristine, I have now been informed. Break stole your girlfriend in Cali and I know that must hurt. We know everything. While my girl Flow4 will be sitting on my lap during the tournament, because we originally had plans sunday, I will destroy you in the only game that currently matters: Reflex.
  13. Thump4

    twitch.tv / Thump4

    twitch.tv / Thump4 ( Reflex: Teaching a porn-star-look-a-like how to be the best female gamer in the world ) ( If she can do it [ someone who's never used a mouse before ] then you can do it too )
  14. Thump4

    [Completed] 2016-02-20 | Rama Cup #1

    What's the story on timers for this?