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  1. Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/rylerr California Weekdays not available very much, 9 pm - 11 pm. Weekends I'm available all the time Skill Level: Low
  2. So I was just testing out the replays (great job!) but when I go to a marker, it seems to send me exactly to when they pressed the key or entered the console command (cl_replaymarker). How are we able to see the cool frag if they pressed the key right after it? Maybe I'm doing this all wrong, and I'm completely incorrect, but this is just what I noticed. Maybe you could change the editor so that when you go to the marker (re_next_marker), it sends you to 5-10 seconds before the marker was placed so that you can watch the frag itself, not just right after. I know it's brand new, just some ideas to help it.
  3. This. Being able to leave comments would be amazing. Great work guys, keep it up!
  4. New weapon concepts!

    Ya I agree, it probably is way too much, but maybe in the someday category.
  5. New weapon concepts!

    Ok crazy idea here: It might just be due to the fact that I played CS:GO and TF2, and I really liked the customization aspects, but maybe the devs could include an option to change the theme of the weapons (all the weapons at a time). The player stance and how the gun is held could be made the same for each weapon across themes. Might not fit with the overall theme of a map or the entire game, but if you want to change the designs then you have that option available to you. Not sure how this would work server/client side, but just a thought.
  6. New weapon concepts!

    Ah ok, then maybe the devs will be able to pull this whole thing off and make a theme to fit. Either way, i'm sure everything will look amazing when it's all said and done.
  7. New weapon concepts!

    Personally I feel like the concept designs just feel out of place and a bit awkward in a futuristic game like this one. I know the art style might stray from the current state, but I think the whole Edison vs Tesla thing would look strange with the robot character models. Just my two cents.