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  1. qufit

    Future of stake launcher

    I think the longer reload time would be better. Reduce the damage a bit. Would kind of have a place in the game because melee is only close combat. And it will feel rewarding to get a hit with the stake (due to good damage output at start)
  2. qufit

    Help for beginners?

    Then it's no point to make it I just put it here to get some feedback if it was an good idea or not.
  3. qufit

    Help for beginners?

    I mean that the trail always shows and is pre made. With where you are going to jump. This with the DDRKeys widget also "pre made" so that if you press the jump key at the right spot you will preform the jump correctly. The only thing that is missing is how you are moving the view. But perhaps you can do like a widget for that also. Kind of the accelmeter widget but instead of a point where you accel it's a point where you are going to look.
  4. qufit

    Mute option?

    Makes me feel bad to be a swed
  5. I use visual clarity and remove sparks. I also remove race trails. Why? They are annoying and I don't want them (If i was a dev I probably would remove them). If I consider it cheating? A little. But if this was in quake3 this would just be a simple cvar. like cg_noprojectiletrail. But I hope we don't get so many settings for reflex so the games stays more consistent from player to player. Sounds is default.
  6. qufit

    Help for beginners?

    So I came across this today: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=909284908&searchtext= and I also had some idea about make a widget that makes a path in the map. (Don't really know if it's doable) So you can se where I went and where I jumped etc. Now to the question/suggestion/whatever. If you could record this and put on a map would that be of some kind of help for newbies to learn the movement?
  7. So I decided to make a death animation like the lock screen of Andriod Gingerbread with a taste of goaHud in there . Have to polish the code a bit thou so still kind of wip. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=906263622
  8. qufit

    Looking to use the projectile sniper.

    The weapon you got shot with was the stake launcher. The community has discussed if it has a place in the game or not. (Like replacing bolt rifle). I think it isn't in gui just because it isn't set in stone the role of stake
  9. qufit

    1.0.7 launching reflex crashes VLC

    isn't that more of a VLC bug then a reflex one ?
  10. qufit

    Mute option?

    For now I don't think this is a problem because the community is often great and helpful. But what if more people comes in that is rude? How does we keep the tone of the game the way we want it?
  11. qufit

    GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Have had the HUD one day and an update with this comes out the next day: "Added customizable weapon rack glow for currently selected weapon"
  12. qufit

    Crosshair Color Pulse

    You can change it in the lua file. The line you want: -- Colors local crosshairFillColor = Color(255,255,255,255); local crosshairStrokeColor = Color(0,0,0,255);
  13. qufit

    On-Screen Replay Controls suggestion

    Didn't want to put this in a own thread but I would love if you get the dir of replays when you type the command in console. Or even better a own submenu to browse replays
  14. qufit

    Reflex Arena Launch - Changelog

    there is some z-collision on the first trainingmap. At the lavapit
  15. qufit

    Another guy who doesn't know how to configure his mouse

    The first matches is to place your rank. So in the beginning the matches may be very hard.