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  1. For all intents and purposes Reflex has two selling points: 1. It's a pure arena fps 2. It has modern features Without the first, the second is meaningless. Removing the first (aka doing anything to reduce the skill gap) will kill whatever is left of the game. As for the rest of this thread, it's too late if you ask me. I had fun, hope you guys did too.
  2. Pill_

    Proving Grounds

    Speaking of that spawn, I'm not a fan of spawns directly on major items. If I get killed I shouldn't get rewarded. A good player will probably wait to kill the enemy until after he has picked up red, but it's about the principle IMO.
  3. Pill_

    Proving Grounds

    Loving that I finally get to play new(ish) maps again! I do wonder whether the new map queue should affect your mmr for the regular queue. If I were to list the pros and cons from my perspective: pros: People wanna climb and if the PG queue doesn't let their rating go up, they might choose to only play regular queue instead (we all got limited time after all). cons: People wanna climb and new maps are essentially a wild card, while you might beat someone with much better rating, you might get beaten by someone with much lower rating instead. It messes with the integrity of the rankings, since you can 'feed' elo off a lower skilled player in PG queue while avoiding similarly skilled opponents in regular queue. IMO the best way to do it would be to use the regular MMR in PG queue, but don't let the results affect your rating. You'd have to provide a strong incentive to play PG queue then though I think. Also, I think that perhaps the ranges could be bigger for the MM algorithm in PG queue to make up for lower player count, especially if the match results wouldn't affect your MMR.
  4. Toxicity and smurfs are unavoidable in a competitive video game. That's not to say everybody should stop caring and go full no impulse control or that toxic people shouldn't strive to improve their attitude (making people not hate your guts is a pretty good life skill anyhow), but personally, I don't think you can blame devs for toxic community members and you definitely can't expect them to fix it either.
  5. Duel is the problem. 1v1 has always been for the hardcore crowd, not newcomers. We already have a great casual mode in the form of ATDM. Just need to inform new players about that. E: even if the devs changed a ton of stuff to lower the barrier to entry, I think we still wouldn't get a whole lot of new players. This may be cynical of me, but I think gameplay is secondary to marketing budget when it comes to a game's popularity. Having a research department dedicated to keeping people hooked is pretty essential as well (see: any Blizzard game).
  6. Pill_

    Pill's 1v1 Demo Reviews

    Updated the playlist again. I talk a lot about in fight decisions and positioning in this video, there's also a 2 min rant at the end about combat IQ at the end.
  7. Pill_

    Pill's 1v1 Demo Reviews

    updated the playlist yet again, this time it's a game between Barktooth and Kev! from NA. I have a couple of fucked widgets because I forgot I downloaded a bunch of them last night.
  8. Pill_


    I looked into it for NL about a year ago. It's impossible to do without BYOC since there are no gaming cafe's left in the NL (downside of having god tier internet connections). BYOC would heavily cut down on attendance to the point where it's not even worth it IMO. E: that's unless the Reflex community can come up with like ~1000 euros for venue + renting PC's and monitors.
  9. Pill_

    Pill's 1v1 Demo Reviews

    Updated the playlist with three more videos. Two are reviews of Deprecion, a lower skilled player, on Aerowalk and Ruin. In those videos I go over a few basics and I stress the importance of consistent execution. The third is a high level ladder game between Gaiia and Garou. It should be mentioned that Garou has a recent vac-ban on his profile, but I don't really see any signs he's hacking in Reflex (even tho I did say so in some on stream rage after I played him later on that particular evening :D).
  10. Pill_

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    Also square hitboxes make directs way easier
  11. Our winners are team Goats (memphis, panppu, warlord wossman and sharqosity)! Download the replays here https://www.dropbox.com/s/09yy3o5uwcp6950/replays.rar?dl=0, watch the cast here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/131197378 and watch the winning team's pov here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/131202467
  12. Added Discord server to OP.
  13. Pill_

    Pill's 1v1 Demo Reviews

    So after a way too long break, I uploaded another video. This one is IMO my best one yet in terms of content, it features the grand finals between Kyto and Ramagan of the recent DP5 masters cup. In my opinion, this game perfectly captures the dynamic between their styles and it's also a masterclass in using pressure plays to prevent your opponent from getting full control.
  14. I've decided on a final mappool. The maps will be Monolith, Spider Crossings and Cofe. Mono and Cofe are somewhat controversial picks and I'm aware of that. A lot of people complain that they don't get enough FPS on Monolith, however, right now, you will struggle to get good FPS on any CTF map because the engine doesn't deal well with high playercounts. I compared demos with 8 players on both Monolith and Spider Crossings and on average the difference was 10fps (to be fair, Monolith did fluctuate more). Cofe is somewhat untested, however it's the least untested compared to other potential maps. I will provide a discord link in my next post and I will start working on a short guide for the (many!) participants who are new to CTF in Reflex.
  15. We've got 16 signups! So barring any dropouts, the cup is on! I'll update the post with a finalised mappool this saturday