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  1. Current YouTube world record. If it's not on YouTube it's not a world record... night?
  2. Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=707554788 A race map for those that get a kick out of investing time in kz-style/technical movement maps that you just know has an intentional/unintentional skip that you're missing. This is in the same vein as reflexclimb1, rek-staro, rek-seraph, and @The Piep's rc_tpi_concentration.
  3. rekk0r

    Concept racing map

    @LoubiTek Always happy to see new race mappers! There are a couple of problems with Test2 -- Firstly the ramps are too steep at the moment and so can cause players to stop in their tracks. There are a few tricks to ramps that can help keep them flowing. For these types of ramps players will essentially double jump from them -- to get that to happen you want the top of the ramp to be around 48-56 units (48 units height is what I tend to use for double jumps). If you want players to gain significant height from the ramp, try making the ramp on the higher end of that range and experiment with the length. Secondly, the pads after the ramps will need to be spaced in a way that they're not too far apart for new players, but not to close to cause overshooting by experienced players when accelerating. Currently you've spaced the pads evenly so overshooting will happen -- try spacing them increasingly farther apart to take into account acceleration. Rather than diving into the mathematics of it, the quickest way to learn is to watch people use the pads and adjust the distances to where they're falling. Hope that helps.
  4. Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651920580 A fairly challenging movement map for race mode - More kz-style than traditional defrag. Your first challenge is to reach the finish line without putting your fist through your monitor. After that you'll find plenty of room to refine your time by flowing through sections of the map rather than stalling at individual pads. t7.night and t7.wh1te haven't tried this yet so the WR is up for grabs.
  5. rekk0r

    Workshop Test Branch

    Thank you for informing me. I have now read the original post and have another question: Is there the possibility of dropping the lightmap requirement to ensure that the race map section (large maps, large lightmaps etc) is not severely lacking? If the lightmap requirement was dropped, would this cause a problem with loading maps?
  6. rekk0r

    Workshop Test Branch

    Question on the lightmap... Is it an upload requirement? Will it cause issues if it isn't uploaded?
  7. rekk0r

    [Race] rek-real

    [Download] This one is a 25-30s race map that's been on Dank Disciples server for a while now, and one that I've been slowly adding to and tweaking. The notorious triple jump is possible now, but still slightly iffy. Either way I think it's time to release this to the world. The lightmap is ~100mb (I'm a scrappy mapper) which breaches the file size limit of ReflexFiles.com so here's a link to download: http://workupload.com/file/5FZH5MSY Thank you to everyone that spent hours running this map (night, bej, slobo, psilocybin, KOS and many others), and thanks to MAD_JIHAD for adding a psychedelic pattern to the start of the map. That's about as far as my maps go in terms of style! A few other race maps like Hangman and Shank will be uploaded once they're visually bearable.
  8. rekk0r

    [rr_la-tetris] Race Map

    Beautiful map, beautiful trailer. It's now on Dank Disciples of Defrag server
  9. rekk0r

    Jungle - Race map

    Can't check it out right now but I've added this to Dank Disciples of Defrag -[Race EU]-
  10. rekk0r

    atlantis // last update 12/18/2015

    I'll give this a go later! For now here's a little tip on getting rid of those lines created when water brushes touch -- Posted by Viscerated To summarise... select the side of the water brush and apply colour 000000 (black), and you'll have beautiful, seamless water.
  11. [Download] Here's a simple map geared towards those players that have managed to complete some of the earlier sections of b0_reflex and ParkourStation, and want to get stuck into some racing. I didn't want this to be a complete breeze so there is some challenge in finding a route that suits you, but I wanted this to be one of the go-to race maps for people looking to improve. Let me know how you're finding the difficulty as it'll help for future maps. Have fun!
  12. rekk0r

    [Race] Helios

    [Download] I almost gave up on this one but a combination of a new PC and the release of 0.37.3 slapped me round the face, so here it is! This is trickier and more lengthy than Plato -- Designed for intermediate level players, or beginners that are looking to pull their hair out over a map they'll eventually celebrate with a finish. Once you've found a clean route you should expect a time of around 20 to 25 seconds. Thanks to bej, night, L1am and plenty of others for helping play test! Enjoy!
  13. rekk0r

    [Race Map] Plato

    I've yet to see a route that successfully incorporates use of the fence. The best bet for this section is to come in at a wide angle (I.e stick to the left wall in screenshot 2) and avoid the fence. Did you manage to complete the map?
  14. rekk0r

    [Race Map] Plato

    Download Time for a new race map. This one is slightly more challenging, and approximately twice the length of Talos but follows similar (lazy) aesthetics. From what I can tell from play-testing it takes a good few runs to find a route that sets you up for the last half of the map but, once you find that route, you'll be rewarded with some flow! There are a few shortcuts that open up at higher speeds and there shouldn't be anything to stop/slow a very high speed run providing you find the correct route. All feedback is welcome. Enjoy!