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  1. really love tthat you went back to a more minimalistic artstyle. Nice job, the game is turning out amazing!
  2. the reflex logo is really amazing, looks sick on any kind of merch, even if I didn't play the game the logo still looks cool on any kind of shirt or sweater 10/10 would wear
  3. Kaneco

    0.34 - Reflex goes Alpha!

    Race mode looks amazing, Im really not feeling the artstyle tho. Im actually falling in love with the minimalistic texture-less style of the game right now, I think that would be an amazing and fitting artstyle for the game kind of à la mirror's edge I love this kind of stuff way more than the steam punk style. I really think its more fitting, more appropriate for a videogame deemed ultra competitive, and makes for way better frag videos imo https://forums.unrealtournament.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=11248&stc=1 https://www.colourbox.com/preview/4735504-abstract-architectural-office-manager-in-a-minimalist-style-table-and-chair-is-made-of-composite-materials.jpg
  4. Kaneco

    Video editing

    Hey there. I'm a tf2 competitive player and video editor, among other things I do in the tf2 community. I recently got this game and it feels really fresh and smooth to me, I never played much quake so besides tf2 rocket jumping which is similar I'm still learning all the complex movement mechanics. Moving on, I would like to know what tools does the game currently have for video editors and what will it have in the future? Also since I'm still really newbie to all the mechanics and dont really have anything to edit from myself I would love to get my hands at some frags from some top players and edit some reflex movies/fragclips. Is there any way I could go about that? Like, does the game have a demo system like tf2 or something similar? You can check my tf2 org channel, and some of my work on tf2 videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/comptf/videos
  5. Kaneco

    New weapon concepts!

    I never knew this game was supposed to be set in the 30s, I always thought it was some semi futuristic or minimalistic artstyle, I won't say I particularly dislike steampunk but I find it a hard fit for these kind of games, with the map styles and everything.
  6. Great video. This was a huge help for me as someone coming from tf2 and not really used to cpm or quake live movement
  7. Kaneco

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kaneco/ Portugal Maybe around 22:00 - 00:00 GMT almost every day Low