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  1. DEZ

    Strafe Theory

  2. To play the way you speak is f**ing boring whereas stomping 50-0 is pretty fun. There should be at least an encouragement for people which purposely let play close games.
  3. DEZ

    Should I play this game?

    You talk about speed of performance whereas i talk about gameplay mechanics. And yes, i would suggest speed up the movement cause it's been f****d up spoiled since 0.37. By the way i'm playing on musical instrument.
  4. DEZ

    Should I play this game?

    Without fastswitch it's just a bs about fast-paced gameplay.
  5. DEZ

    Reflex and CPMA Movement Physics

    I personally do not like how Reflex movement is primitive and slowed down compared to CPM. Because of higher friction it has higher circle jump trajectory, thus it takes more time to perform and you get lesser speed. You always either get stuck on long stairs or fly to the ceiling cause of triple jump. In CPM you can scroll stairs without loosing speed. Weaker A/D turnings = you have less control => less abilities to keep speed on turning, lesser speed acceleration. Lack of skimming. It is just such a pain to try perform double jumps, rocket jumps, you get stuck when you hit a player model, you get stuck whet you hit corners, you get stuck when you hit badly clipped mesh. The movement is very rough atm. So let's look how the dev-team will implement it. Low gravity value and perhaps a higher jump height. I must be crazy but it's kinda seems to me that it's should be different. Summing up, I want to say that the movement system should be built by someone who is not familiar with that on the basic level but who really understand all the subtleties and aspects of it and who really has dived deep into it.
  6. DEZ

    Blood, gore and darkness

    New art-style suggestion: robots and necromorphs fighting on abandoned space objects and colonies.
  7. DEZ

    Pada's competitive visuals/sounds pack

    Oh, I meant your sounds not Terri's, excuse my crooked fingers))
  8. DEZ

    Pada's competitive visuals/sounds pack

    What's about: Rails to death and grenade timer? Also some of Padawan's custom sounds have better audibility than default ones.
  9. DEZ

    Pada's competitive visuals/sounds pack

    I would share my own packs in this thread as well, made them long time ago but forgot to share it here=) First one includes turned off smoke and sparks and the second one turns off ambient sounds. Enjoy. zzz-fck_zis.pak aaa-dez1.pak
  10. DEZ

    Weapon Respawn Time

    CPM weapon respawn times: 2v2 - 10s TDM - 30s CTF - 5s 1v1 - 5s (besides cpm3a & cpm15 which have 15s) Warsow: 1v1 - 10s TDM - 15s UT2k4 - 27.3s UT4 - 30s
  11. DEZ

    Idea for timers in public/casual TDM

    People who can't do basic math should not play TDM. So it's kinda dull-filter <: And remembering the next carnage time and planing to rush it is a part of teamplay. No need to simplify everything.
  12. simplicity coz it's ez to time (1 RA 1 YA 1 MH)
  13. DEZ

    Circlejump Stats

    slowflex =/