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  1. tuhmapoika

    rr_dam is out!

    wow man looks sick! edit: after few attempts i managed to do it in 11.7 seconds
  2. tuhmapoika

    [dp8] - unforgiving

    Wow man! I come back to my pc after few days and see this. Turned out much better than i could've ever imagined! Good job man!!
  3. tuhmapoika

    #dp_three [EU] - 29th August, 2015

    Throw me with that invite½!!!1
  4. tuhmapoika

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

  5. tuhmapoika

    cubism a fun race map!

    Those pics man! <3
  6. tuhmapoika

    #dp_two [EU] - Saturday July 18th, 2015

    I'd participate, but... item timers eat too much off the joy first dpcup only games i really enjoyed (even tho got my ass blasted) was against drunk gaiia without item timers.. No chance, but much more interesting game than ones with timers..
  7. tuhmapoika


    ​I love you MAD! <3 You put my thoughts in nice words ^^ Oh and also because of the lack of skimming, race mapping is huge pain, especially when you wanna add a doublejump...
  8. tuhmapoika


    ​I can, bunch of robots bumping on each others and corners on narrow hallways. FUN!
  9. tuhmapoika

    0.35.0 - Polyamorous

    No need to be butthurt, I was just asking what's the thought behind this. One thing I find an issue with ic now is that ammo runs out so fast.. But I'm sure I can adapt. Oh and I had to delete ioncannon_fire.wav, cause my ears were bleeding (I was using q3 sounds, they hurt much more than reflex default)
  10. tuhmapoika

    0.35.0 - Polyamorous

    Everything else is okay, but what's the point of this IC nerf?
  11. tuhmapoika

    [race] tuhmapoika gone mapping!

    ​Brush is like that because I was going to make it so that u have to cj to right, but that would've made it too hard for some people, so bej had an idea to place it like that so it's not necessary to do cj right, but you get a time advantage by doing so I'll make the lightmap over this night, my computer is so aged that it takes long time for me to build In naughtysausage tho I couldn't make the lightmap fit in the .zip
  12. tuhmapoika

    [race] tuhmapoika gone mapping!

    ​There you have em! At least some rough times to beat
  13. tuhmapoika

    [race] tuhmapoika gone mapping!

    Hey everyone! I've always loved trickjumping in every game I ever played, but until 2012ish I wasn't aware of as amazing mod as quake 3 defrag, after that I've been defragging quite actively. I always wanted to make my own defrag map, but didn't have the patience to learn using GTK Radiant Thanks to this amazingly simple and easy editor I finally got to make my first defrag maps ever So here's my maps I've managed to create so far: My recent one made with meatsausage http://reflexfiles.com/file/327 This one is pure straferun, should be doable by anyone (special thx to bej for making ramps <3) My record: 0:27:xxx My second map: http://reflexfiles.com/file/322 This one is also mostly strafe, but with RL/GL climb in the end My record: 0:16.xxx Then the last and the least, my first map ever http://reflexfiles.com/file/318 First part is by me, second by bej. hard straferun, probably not doable by beginners. My record: 20:xxx Now I'd love to hear any kind of feedback, suggestions or whatever u got to say. Happy jumping! EDIT: Now you can find my maps in PHGP Movement / Race server!!! ---> Edit2: added personal best times ;D (sry i cant remember exact times)
  14. tuhmapoika

    [MiniRace] mRace_Worship

    ​Great man! Also forgot to say i love the artstyle <3
  15. tuhmapoika

    Jump pads and Teleporters (and other effects)

    ​Oh thanks! Didn't know u can ctrl+c the path x)