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  1. Fjoggs

    Map sector idea

    ‚ÄčLocation and hints have nothing to do with each other. Hints are textures used to help the engine decide what parts of a map is rendered when. I believe OP is talking about adding something that define a s section of a map with a givenname, such as "Low Yellow Armor" or "Red Flag" in Quake 3. (Often color coded). Any serious TDM or CTF map had these. 1on1 not so much, as it doesn't really serve any purpose without teammates. Commentators usually just refer to items or key locations anyway. EDIT: And yes, we need this badly (with color support)!
  2. Fjoggs

    Map Design Guides

    Welcome Pat
  3. Fjoggs


    It's coming, don't worry. As said, the editor needs some love first, and I believe the next patch is just for that. Once mirror and rotate is in place, creating CTF maps should be a breeze, and the gametype itself would probably be implemented. I'd say it's here in the patch after the next one. Just have to be patient. EDIT: Holy shit just realised it's Xatrix. Hey man!
  4. Fjoggs

    Execution vs Decision Making

    Sure you do. But when you have to present your opinion with insults, then you forfeit your own rights. Keep it civil, and you can say whatever you want.
  5. Fjoggs

    Execution vs Decision Making

    Trolling to start shit up is a fine way to get banned. Try to stop acting like a complete tool Raidakk.
  6. Fjoggs

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Doesn't look there's a ceiling/roof at all?
  7. Fjoggs

    Which maps would YOU want?

    I'll probably rename Fjorxtourney1 to fjo1 when I release my next version.
  8. Fjoggs


    I will. Just really busy with my master thesis these days. Only a month left!
  9. Fjoggs


    Ah, okay. Well, until I can get my own version in a more finished state, then here's the link for the ce version: http://reflexfiles.com/file/47
  10. Fjoggs

    Welcome to our new UI subforum.

    This guy is NOT working for the dev team. He's just some random troll who's now enjoying the status of being banned.
  11. Fjoggs


    I think the CE version is still included? The fjorxt1.ce.map file.
  12. If you had a map that was included in the previous build (before 0.31.x), then MAKE A BACKUP OF IT LOCATED SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE THE REFLEX FOLDER before you update to the latest test branch. The reason for this is that this test build has removed a lot of the maps that were included, and what happens when you update is that your local version that might contain changes from the one that's officially included in the build will be completely deleted. I almost lost my own map (Fjorxtourney1) because of this, but luckily, using a file recovery program I was able to recover it from Steam's TEMP folder. This version is from December last year, and is not the one that was lost during the update process, but I hadn't done any changes to it, so it didn't matter. Let this be a lesson that you should always keep a backup of your maps and assets somewhere outside the Reflex folder, as a lot can happen when the developers release new versions. This is not the developers fault btw, this is just how Steam handles the update process.
  13. Fjoggs

    should i start mapping now? or wait....

    No need to wait. The updates for the editor will only build upon what's already there. As of now, it simply takes a longer time than it should because you're missing stuff like rotate, mirror/flip rotation, multi select etc.
  14. Fjoggs

    Christmas Tree Group Building

    I feel like this thread has run its course in terms of stickyness, so I'll unsticky it now.
  15. Fjoggs

    mapmakers rant

    As long as the discussion doesn't end in a flame war, I'm leaving it open for now. Reflex isn't at a point where spending several months working on details for a map, as textures, assets, even lighting can change at any time with a new build. AFAIK the only one who's doing something like that is me, and I prolly wont finish it for a long time. Focus right now is on gameplay, while keeping the looks decent.