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  1. chronokun

    Q3 .map -> Reflex .map converter

    The map converter hasn't been updated in quite a while, there's probably bugs in it, I haven't been supporting it much lately since I've been kinda busy and somewhat lost interest in it but if you don't mind sending me example maps that are having problems I can probably find some time to take a look at it and do some debugging, also considering possibility of either porting the converter to Lua or adding Lua scripting to it at some point since people seem to be quite happy doing the Lua UI scripting it got me thinking maybe people would be more comfortable working on the map converters if they were Lua based too?
  2. Here's a really crazy out-there idea: Since everyone is going to be converting their sensitivity from other games using a sensitivity calculator like the one mentioned above... Why not put a sensitivity calculator in the settings menu, the advanced options are already pretty complex so why not just add a couple of fields for 'Mouse DPI' and 'Desired CM/360' and maybe even one for 'Equivalent Quake Sensitivity'? You can do it Reflex Devs! be the first game to actually use _UNITS_ rather than opaque arbitrary values for setting mouse sensitivity, I believe in you!
  3. chronokun

    Q3 .map -> Reflex .map converter

    ​I think I actually updated my first post with a link to it, anyway: https://www.dropbox.com/s/prmdko6s59jlwma/ReflexToQ3_r6.zip?dl=0​ ​Thanks Windows for hiding all your useful options in secret hidden menus
  4. how about you spawn with as many healths/armours as your elo lol
  5. chronokun

    Race checkpoints for existing maps?

    ​I'm not really sure this would be needed? but could be interesting, could actually be useful for other game modes too now that I think about it especially if it became a scripted thing? ​Definitely a must have (although for CTF maps in QL these seem to be omitted and it actually works out quite well in those cases) - are they not already a thing? haven't actually looked if they exist or not lol ​I think it's usually called Time Attack in most racing games, but then again that also refers to just competing for best time. Could be a cool addition and a nice way to add challenge to race specific maps as an alternative to loading them up with tricky jumps and teleporter pits =)
  6. I was wondering if anyone has put race checkpoints into their regular ffa/dual/ctf/whatever maps? Reflex has had race mode for a while now but it seems like every race server is just stacked up with these defrag style obstacle courses, (which I personally find pretty boring) is anyone working on adding race checkpoints to other maps? or would be interested in having them? personally I really love the racing in QL because it's so much more organic playing on actual maps and also good practice for getting around the maps in other game modes. It looks like ctf-monolith works in race mode which is awesome but I don't think I've seen any others?
  7. chronokun

    0.37.3 Point Release (cake and murder!)

    eggplant launcher is best launcher
  8. chronokun

    Default weapon! Discussion

    By that logic Battlefield 1942 was a flop as soon as Battlefield 2 came out because DICE no longer kept any developers on it so all it's past success is negated? If you add up the number of AFPS games that aren't 10+ years old or still in development/early access for this player base to belong to, what's that number? My point is a product that doesn't exist can't have users, maybe developers don't see a market or maybe they see a bigger one in other genres or maybe they figure half a billion dollars on advertising and giant billboards will sell whatever they make - what ever the reason they aren't making many more AFPS games the player base of Quake Live is pretty damn big for such an old game so I'd say AFPS has fared quite well for how little developer love it's been given in recent years. Anyway a game can be successful without having users idly waiting by for it to be released, new games and even new genres emerge without any existing player base.
  9. chronokun

    Default weapon! Discussion

    ​Is everything that's not a blockbuster success a flop now? Quake 4 didn't take over the multiplayer game but that doesn't mean it wasn't successful and Quake Live was a F2P rejuvenation of an already 10 year old game and just because they've finally decided to pull the plug on it after it carried Quake for another 5+ years of life hardly makes it a flop. The only thing dead about Arena FPS is no AAA development team has dared to challenge Q3A/QL's success probably because they know anything less than perfection would be outright rejected as worse than Quake and of course Id Software is basically dead so don't expect them to do it. Yeah, the AAA developers have evolved their games in other directions to make things like Halo and Call of Duty and yeah the new Doom looks like less of an Arena FPS than COD but I don't think it's realistic to call Arena FPS dead because it's successful hits have too much damn longevity and just wont die to let anything else come along, compare similarly aged games of any other genre and you'll find they pretty much fare worse (except maybe CS1.6 and WoW).
  10. chronokun

    Default weapon! Discussion

    ​stakegun would be OP as a starter unless its damage was reduced (which imo would actually make sense since it's not really a great choice of weapon for dealing damage if you have a rocket launcher or boltgun anyway), I think a reduced damage tweaked version could be a great starter except for one other issue that then every map, every player would have a stakegun but perhaps there's other options like setting surface flags or server options to disable use of it actually spawning stakes or making it only spawn stakes if it has special ammo or something. I actually think it could be really cool. I'm not really a fan of the burst gun, the mg in ql is great because it's a long range, accurate, rapid fire hitscan with low damage so works at any range in any situation without any real skill but other than as a starting weapon and as a finisher is mostly not that powerful. compared to the mg, the burst gun only succeeds in being weak and lacks all these other characteristics so I personally think any decent alternative is worth consideration since the current solution doesn't offer much.
  11. chronokun

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    yeah, after thinking about it a bit and spending some more time playing ctf, the movement changes seem to be for the best. of course it still *feels* worse just jumping around and racing and stuff imo but the improvements to overall gameplay outweigh that and I think with time to adjust it will feel less like a limitation and more like a challenge anyway.
  12. chronokun

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    ​I'm wondering a bit about why it was changed too, I always thought if there was anything about the movement that needed nerfing it would be the double/triple/teleporter/ceiling/whatever jumps and the crazy height you can gain from these things more than the speed/accel but that said I don't really mind the new movement much anyway, only things that really bug me about reflex movement are trying to tell where the *actual* surface of things are now the maps are getting filled with meshes and invisible clip brushes and *still* trying to have double/triple/teleporter/ceiling/whatever timer based jumping not feel totally unnatural lol, guess I just need more practice =)
  13. chronokun

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    The increased player height makes it even harder to jump onto peoples heads and no ax, 0/10. That aside... CTF is awesome and new map looks beautiful, just need crouching and some pain sounds so I can hear my robotmans scream in pain when being burnanated by an ion beam - patch .38? hype hype hype? Edit: also forgot to mention, new carnage looks totally sick.
  14. chronokun

    Reflex 0.36.0 - Cofe Time for in talk English

    seems like shadows got a lot more pricey