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  1. Ahhh gotcha yeah I didn't read it close enough! I agree.
  2. Maybe have a variety matchmaking game mode that could cycle between different team game types? It's hard to find matches when you can queue up for so many game types and the only one that gets you in a game consistently is duel. It sucks no one plays CA since that's what a lot of casual players in QL play. Also it seems like a lot of people stopped using MM'ing in NA so now you have to queue up in public servers and have to wait 10-30 min, for a 10 min game, unable to play on other servers/practice, assuming you lose to better players. Sure this is how OG players got good but it's not appealing for new players and sitting in queue when you don't have much time to game is . MM'ing was great when I was starting out since I could go mess around in other servers or work on movement while waiting.
  3. Timing isn't boring. It adds another layer of strategy when you create/break cycles. Sure it sucks for new players but it's a skill you build on.
  4. I did! Once I manually selected the servers I no longer have to worry about playing on NY
  5. Not sure if this is happening to anyone else but it seems I'm always placed into the New York server even though I'm West Coast. I'm sometimes up against people with 20-40 ping on the NY server where it seems like the ping on Dallas or Chicago would be more equal? I'm over in the PNW so I'm not sure if people in California are experiencing the same issue.
  6. I don't think it's fair to knock the game's playercount right now since it in its alpha stages. Ranked/ladder/matchmaking systems have been announced which may boost the player count and interest in this game. However the game really needs a tutorial system to teach players how to play and the basic concepts of dueling. This is still a problem since a duel-centric game will most likely lead to a very small player base... maybe it's time for a brand new gametype for casual play(not ctf/tdm/CA)?
  7. ecall

    Weapon Design and Balance Suggestions

    Not sure how this would work but taking a page from quake 4, what if the plasma was able to shoot through portals? Might be a counter to some of the passive, wait by a teleport-rail, tactics. Don't want to see other projectiles shoot through portals though.
  8. ecall

    Will the item timers stay?

    I'm a bit sad to the community dividing already based on settings. I think item timers are a great idea to get more people into arena style games. If this is not tested over a long period of time, the developers will never know if this helps or hinders this game's competitive population. Clearly, following Quake's history has done nothing but stunt this genre's growth. It would also be a bit sad to see customizable HUDs go away in competitive play since most people seem to be playing with custom HUDs at the moment.