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    New weapon concepts!

    I quite like them, from the pictures it seems as if attention have been paid to the handles and stock, so that presumably each weapon will be held in a unique fashion, so even if the weapons themselves look similar the enemy stance and especially arm orientation would help identifying which is which.
  2. looks, and sounds great! with the modularity of the UI the full playerbar sounds like something that you could have on the scoreboard, or a permanent panel, or a panel you hide during intense fights and catch up on during lulls. I'd also like to point out that minimaps are great, in duels it would also be possible to indicate the possible spawns for the weaker player (or both, red/blue, 50/50 colored circles) if one is interested, for the sake of learning maps while specing, or as a resource when doing play-by-play analysis. Like DDK used to.
  3. Stagnation

    Unicode support?

    second this, I use oklö for movement and have the keys around there, usually this works out to binding [ ' ; / as if the keyboard was american, works nice in ioquake without changing system input language, in reflex I got everything except ' working using en_us as system input language. I'm partial to my GL key and can't spam without it =) that said, I mean not to rush and I appreciate that this is early access.
  4. Stagnation

    Performance, the quest for a higher frame rate.

    what about a macbook pro from 2010? with win7 in bootcamp -AMD Radeon HD 6400M -Intel® Core™ i7-2635QM CPU @ 2.00GHz