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    Color blindness HELP !

    Hallo. I have a problem, i am color blind. (rip) 80% green / 40% red (that is what i am missing). My problem with reflex at the moment is that the weapon pick-ups look a lot a like. All the green and yallow stuff looks the same to my and i can only see what i pick-up by looking really close at the models. But when i am Bhopping really fast i cant really do that. In quake you can set the weapon icons as the pick-ups that is easy to see and is great for all sorts of color blindness. I hope this type of stuff can get in the game it will help my soo mutch. And yess i know when you learn the map you learn the pick-ups but for now i injoy playing new maps. Sorry for the bad eng. i am dyslectic and from the Nederlands. i know, i know i am really color blind and dyslectic f#*k my life. thx for the help!
  2. Cool. So i did a clean install of the game. And installed the HUD and everything is working out exactly as it's supposed to. Using the thc_hud.cfg. if someone is having trouble to get the HUD working 100% just do a clean install, it fixed my problems. good stuff Qualx!
  3. I love the HUD! , and i know that its a casters HUD but can i tweak the settings so that i can use things like the Clock, Scoreboard and frage screen if i am playing myself ? A Lot of the epic stuff is spectator only.