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  1. Warlord Wossman

    Reflex Monthly Cups

    The item layout is largely effected by the world spawn so forcing the same sort of "standard" item layout to every map is a really bad idea. There was a reason why maps were designed the way they are and that (at least) partly took the item layout into account. Just changing that with a general argument in mind that disregards every map specific situation that will be caused by the changes goes against all mapping theory that Reflex mappers used up to date.
  2. Warlord Wossman

    Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    There are the 2 stable ones that were played back then and irish ported 2 maps that need testing. Think it's a bit silly to throw 200 bucks before we have 3+ stable maps. People thought camper crossings would do well back then but it felt kinda odd in Reflex. (So every team banned it)
  3. Warlord Wossman

    Forums upgrade

    Forum reached 1.2 before the game did.
  4. Warlord Wossman

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    If people really wanted control to be weaker why is t7 the most popular map? The item cycle on it is by far the easiest out of the maps in matchmaking (the only ones people play anyways). I think that might actually be the problem some people have - comming back on t7. The question is if it's really the weapon balance or the map itself tho. The current system seems to work somewhat fine on other maps. Then again there is many other things that could be done to make control weaker such as reducing weapon respawn from 10 to 8 seconds or spawning people with more ressources so rockets don't one shot them. (These are random things thrown in btw not actual suggestions)
  5. Warlord Wossman

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Most other shooters are all about aim already. I mean we do have movement but nerfing the armor to the ground is not a good idea imo. Weapons in the custom ruleset are strong enough, if I wanted to play an aim heavy shooter I might as well play one without any items spawning on the map whatsoever.
  6. Warlord Wossman

    ColdFire - TDM2V2/3V3/FFA

    The structure of the map is way too much of a maze imo. Now idk if you want to go for a layout that suits "competitive tdm" or just a fun map to run around and shoot each other a bit. Since you asked for balance I guess I can tell you that besides the number of armors you use in your map everything is off. And I am not trying to be offensive here. Tdm is about weapon controll and on a map where you can move from A to B really fast in a ton of ways makes it rather random. It will probably play FFA-ish since it's hard to predict where people would go. There is connections, jumps, stairs and jumppads everywhere. You should focus more on defined areas, there are lots of QL maps you could check which are way more "room based" as I like to call it. Your map feels more like a giant room with messy routes all over the place which leads to less controlled games in theory. While variation in height are recommended you go too crazy with it for my taste, having stairs down and then up again on a ~256 units wide L-shaped walkway where the height difference is not even there so it connects to anything is a bad thing I would say. At lower RL there are weird holes in the floor with stairs and a ramp which just makes movement more painfull and messes with the flow. Also using visuals to mark areas of the map would help. Right now everything looks the same. My statement is just an opinion btw since you can't messure how "good" a map is and I have not played it yet.The impressions I got from playing and mapping for tdm make me feel like you are pretty new to it tho.
  7. Warlord Wossman

    Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [EU]

    Good to see the effort with the ruleset to further refine the base gameplay. And almost 300 euro on the line already.
  8. Warlord Wossman

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    The biggest problem with more than 4 players is that the game acts up and people get random (no map related) framedrops. Also teammodes lack features. After almost 2 years of CTF there is still no regeneration powerup. Nothing interesting for tdm even stakegun got taken out and is half way in now but there is now ammo boxes for it ect. Game is lacking unique features.
  9. Warlord Wossman

    WRDM1 - Instant Momentum

    Can't find it on the workshop atm and the link seems to be broken.
  10. Warlord Wossman

    EU CTF Draft Cup: zombie edition 25-03-2017

    Good games to everyone who played and thanks for hosting it Pill. Hope the developers will fix the frame issues the game has with higher player numbers on the same map. In general more support for teammodes would be great. (Still waiting for regen powerup lol)
  11. Warlord Wossman

    Reflex Arena Launch!

    We kept 22 out of the pool for so long for the games own identity and to make it easier for new people to get into an AFPS and 22 has been played for ages. >Devs add it to the pool. >meme
  12. Warlord Wossman

    Sanctum - prdm9

    I swear there is something in this map that reminds me of another big title that came out in 2016
  13. Warlord Wossman

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    @MAD_JIHAD probably because you can only walk on the clip
  14. Warlord Wossman

    [EU] End of year/new years New-Maps-Cup

    That's a better idea in general I would say because with 5 maps in the pool it usually ends with the same maps getting banned all the time so they would get almost no playtime.
  15. Warlord Wossman

    Reflex 0.46.4

    I think ammo boxes with 25 IC cells are just too weak. Ofc you could place 2 next to each other but why not try having ammo boxes with the same amount as the weapon pickup ammo so they actually do play a role. Right now I wouldn't go for 25 IC cells if the weapon pickups gives me 4 times as much and I think the ammo pickups for all weapons are really weak atm. So yeah my suggestion is trying ammo packs with the same amount as the weapons themselfs. Sure some maps need to rethink ammo then but in the end pickups that matter would be cooler than having tiny amounts of ammo everywhere and most of the time nobody would go for them.