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  1. Since many people are trying to figure out commands. I figured this might help some new people to learn from: File download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15525178/config.cfg Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/F90Bhrtj 1. Download it, save it. 2. Copy-paste into: SteamsteamappscommonReflex 3. Open it with notepad or notepad++ or another text editor. 4. Read the comments after the "//" and set it as you wish. 5. Save the file (ctrl + s). 6. Find game.cfg in SteamsteamappscommonReflex 7. Open the file like you did before, remove all text, and type: loadconfig config 8. Save the file (ctrl + s) 9. You are set to go. Alternatively to load the config ingame: 1. Go ingame, press the tilde key (~), this opens the console. 2. Type: loadconfig config Note: The game seems to load the game.cfg from the start and resets this file uppon new updates / builds. Therefore you have to copy-paste the commands into the existing game.cfg file, or add a line with "loadconfig config" in there. You can of course replace "config" with what ever file you would like it to load when you start the game. Don't forget to check for new commands when a new build is released //Things that I set in this cfg and that you definitely want to look at: name (your ingame name) all the weapon binds (bind your guns) m_speed (sensitivity) r_fov (field of view) r_resolution (your resolution) r_refreshrate (monitor refresh rate) s_volume (sound volume) //In the cfg you can use or remove what ever you think is not needed or messy. unbindall name YOURNAMEHERE bind mouse1 +attack bind tab +showscores bind space +jump bind 0 toggleeditor bind 1 weapon 1 //axe (melee) bind 2 weapon 2 //weak shotgun bind 3 weapon 3 //shotgun bind 4 weapon 4 //grenade launcher bind 5 weapon 5 //plasma-like gun bind 6 weapon 6 //rocket launcher bind 7 weapon 7 //lightning gun bind 8 weapon 8 //railgun bind 9 weapon 9 //stake gun bind a +left bind d +right bind m cl_replaymarker bind o re_speed 0 bind p re_speed 1 bind s +back bind w +forward bind , re_prev_keyframe bind . re_next_keyframe bind [ re_prev_frame bind ] re_next_frame //mouse and sound settings m_invert 0 m_speed 12.000000 //mouse sensitivity s_volume 0.2600000 //sound volume //basic video settings r_resolution 1280 720 //set the resolution at which the game runs r_refreshrate 0.000000 //insert your monitor refresh rate (60hz,120hz,144hz or different) com_maxfps 0 //set the maximum frames per second r_fov 110 //set your field of fiew r_vsync 0 //sync your frames per second with your monitor refresh rate //information feedback r_stats 0 //statistics r_showfps 1 //show fps ingame r_profiler 0 //show analytics cl_show_profiler 0 //analytics //low quality settings cl_corpse_time 0.000000 cl_gibs_expire_time 1.000000 cl_gibs_maxcount 1 r_bloom 0 r_dynamic_lights 0 r_dynamic_shadows 0 r_fullscreen 1 r_fxaa 0 //gameplay settings cl_show_keys 0 //shows the keys you are pressing cl_player_outline_colour_friendly 4 //change the outline colour for friendly models cl_player_outline_colour_enemy 1 //change the outline colour for enemy models //tips and tricks use mousewheelup and mousewheeldown to bind to the mouse use cl_weapon_offset_z -10 to hide the weapon model press TAB twice ingame in the console (tilde key) to get the full command list use saveconfig to save a config and loadconfig to load a configuration file config files are saved in: SteamsteamappscommonReflex all maps can be found here: SteamsteamappscommonReflexbaseinternalmaps there is NO r_gamma or r_brightness in the current early access build use your video card driver software settings or monitor settings to change this there is currently NO crouch in the game a dedicated server executable and readme can be found in: SteamsteamappscommonReflex press ALT + ENTER to go to fullscreen (windows) or bind r_fullscreen if needed //this config was put together by Hugo. There is currently no support for comments in Reflex. So feel free to remove all the comments and things you don't need or create a new config with what you learned from this one. Don't forget to select "show all files" instead of "show .txt" when you are about to save a new notepad document as a .cfg file. Alternatively, just use saveconfig and loadconfig via the ingame settings and get the full command list by pressing TAB twice, as explained in the document. config.zip config.zip
  2. Btw cl_show_gun 0 probably also works in some cases. @pengr, I have no idea how to hide specific weapon models and set different FOV's for them. Maybe @newborn or @eldrek knows. update (answered by eldrek): bind <key> action1 addbind <key> action2 example: bind r weapon 8 addbind r cl_weapon_offset_z 0
  3. Guide of useful commands on steam guides by maci: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=337131181 You can press "0" or "~" to get the console. Depends on what keyboard you are using. r_fullscreen 1 : goes fullscreen. you can also use alt+enter r_resolution 1920 1080 : x and y of your resolution r_refreshrate 144.000000 : by deafult the monitor refresh hertz is zero in the config. it uses the desctop value. if not, you should change it 60/75/120/144. go check you monitor options first if you dont know this r_vsync 1 : vertical syncing. this is actually working. most of the games today just force 60 fps in vsync. this forces real hz value for fps. com_maxfps 166 : by deafult it has 125. should be fine. however if you experience input lag, or you have higher hz on your monitor, you should change it to higher value. of cource if syncing is already on, it wont go higher than the snc value. High FPS cvars cl_gibs_maxcount 1 : less gibs when you kill an opponent r_bloom 0 : disables bloom r_showfps 1 : shows the fps in the lower right corner r_dynamic_lights 0 : disables dynamic lights r_dynamic_shadows 0 : disables dynamic shadows r_fxaa 0 : disables fxaa Gameplay r_fov 107 : horizontal field of view. default is 105. cl_show_keys 1 : similar thing defrag had. shows the pressed keys cl_player_outline_colour_friendly 4 : outline colour for teammates. i use red. cl_player_outline_colour_enemy 1 : outline colour for enemies. i recommend using the default green PS: if you want to edit the cfg, it is placed in the SteamSteamAppscommonReflex dir called game.cfg . If you want to see the full cvarlist, press tab twice ingame while you are in the console.