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  1. Trist


    ​You made my day, thanks
  2. Trist


    For the next week, every day at 6:30 AM CST or -0600 UST, starting tomorrow, I will be hosting a server to test this map (named "tt1 Test Server (duel)"). It will be open to edit so I can change things realtime. Come and try to knock me off my throne, and give me some feedback please --its done brehs. Thank you to the few playtesters who stayed a full match and gave their feedback. You will notice a lot changed because of it PS: How on earth do all these gorgeous maps get their textures? All these updates keep saying 'oh we added castle themes' and all this other cool stuff but my texture select screen is full of maybe 25 different things, with all the folders empty, and none of those available textures look near as nice as theirs. Is there some sort of optional texture pack floating around?
  3. Trist


    A lot has changed since the original concept, much to the help of many playtesters. Yeah, you heard it right, this is the first map I have ever actually had playtested. I have removed the Mega room altogether, removed 5 teleporters (leaving 5), added the grenade launcher, and overall I think it has been a huge improvement. I am glad to have caught those players who helped me see outside of my box. It isn't done yet, and I am still open to suggestions. I wanted to get more players to test and give feedback but every night I try to host is at a bad schedule for US players. I had already been sitting on this version for over a week so here is the current release. New: One way teleporter to replace the slope jump, textures, other kewl graphics, lighting, removed a lava pit, general improvements. Possible final after a week of nonstop, almost test subjectless editing. Wont bother bumping the thread, I know nobody cares, but she is finished. I am going to transfer this map over to Quakeworld http://reflexfiles.com/file/454
  4. Trist

    The Hunt (duel, tdm, ffa)

    What is this? Another map by the legendary Trist? What makes it so special? Other than being masterfully engineered by yours truly, it is also my first map to feature either a red armor or a mega health, is my first map with environmental challenges, and is even my first map to feature the popular slope jumping exploitation. A map of many firsts. I learned a lot toying around with this one, I lost my weekend over it. Over a hundred LIGHTMAP BREAKING changes since I first laid the initial slab of concrete, over a hundred times and counting of saying "I think this map is done" later. Having first emerged as a twisting maze, it is now a map with very little walls, and a lot of different ways to different places on the map. It was a lot of fun to make and I hope you like playing on it too. And to my 4 fans who happened to download my hit map "Fang", you can definitely be happy to know I will always keep to that intense gameplay I know you guys enjoyed that one time you ran around it for five minutes, and that I will be making many more maps after this one. http://reflexfiles.com/file/338 Features: FIVE weapons (holy shit!); rocket launcher, grenade launcher, ion cannon, shotgun, and plasma gun. Colors; orange, grey, nolight Better lighting Intended support for small team games and more
  5. Trist

    ReflexFiles forced steam sign in

    ​I just have a paranoid personality really. I prefer writing my emails and password, I don't consider it to be a problem, so since I can live without cookies I go out of my way to do so
  6. I get that it might be easier for some, but I don't use cookies for my browser and so every time I have to sign in with Steam, no matter the site, it sends an 'access code' to my email which means I need to login to get the code, and then paste the code into the page after already logging into that page and then it takes a good half a minute to verify. Really it doesn't sound that bad at all, its pretty reasonable actually, but without cookies you have to do this every single time. I hope to make and manage more maps in the future and this is a pain in the ass. I know you can turn off this 'feature' in Steam, and I would fucking love to but then they would take away my ability to trade among other things which I value, and those same features they take away are guaranteed gone for half a month because of its stupid security system. Are there any plans to add an alternative method of logging in, like the traditional email verification on this forum right here?
  7. ###CHANGES### as of 6/27/15 4:03 AM to the map; - increased height of both tp1 target and it's ledge by 16 units to allow a strafe jump to ledge in fang2 (was already in fang) - moved a spawn in fang2 by 16 units as it was hanging off a ledge - made upper ledge in fang2 higher by, drumroll, 16 units to forum/package pages; -separated fang and fang2 into their own packages (the treatment they deserved) -new screenshots for both the forum and their individual pages I wanted a small and fast paced duel map, and hopefully that is what you can expect. There are two variations of this map, one which is very small (the original), and another which is slightly more open. Between the two, change is minor, but I wasn't sure which I liked more or which would be more fun to play on so I just went ahead and kept both. Fang http://reflexfiles.com/file/336 Fang2 http://reflexfiles.com/file/337 There are several notable features of this series of maps, the most major of which is a lack of both red armor and mega health. Only four weapons are present on the map; the rocket launcher, ion cannon, grenade launcher, and shotgun. And of course, the iconic slopes which look like a Fang™. Feel free to edit the map and post your creation here.
  8. Trist

    Add Ammunition to a Map?

    ​Alright, thank you. ​I meant ammo boxes, but thanks anyways.
  9. Trist

    Add Ammunition to a Map?

    I want to add ammo boxes to my map, how would I do this?
  10. Trist

    xy1 - Coterminous

    nice to see its all finished
  11. Trist

    instant weapon switch

    I don't feel too strongly about either side but would like a shortening of fire cool down when you switch to stake gun. Like for example, rocketlauncher to stake gun. I would like to be able to rocket jump and then shoot a stake for a platform real fast. I understand the stake guns use as a weapon, so a player could fire a rocket and immediately hit you with a stake. But if they miss, the stake gun has the longest cool down time, so that combat decision would leave the player in a weak position. I think it would balance itself out (while making the stake gun a little more useful).
  12. Trist

    OMG! GAm3r GIrLzZzZz!~ <-- Joke

    @snow What makes a small number of players with a certain gender inherently a bad thing? Really, its a videogame, gender has no relevance. For example, many puzzle games like Candy Crush have more female players than men. So? How can "it suck" if it doesn't effect me? I don't think sexism is what keeps women away from "games like this" but rather most women simply don't share an interest for it, like most men don't share an interest in puzzle games.
  13. Trist

    ATI - cards & driver version please

    I don't know if it has been said yet, but ATI Radeon HD 5870 on 15.5 Beta driver is working perfectly. Unless that lightmap warning on the top of the screen has anything to do with my card, but I haven't bothered to even try fixing it yet