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  1. Would be cool know a top 10, so i know if is "worth" loose more time in mapping or throw in the trash bin my map
  2. Zohd

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Weapons: farmer set (pitchfork"Blood cosplay ;)",shovel,hoe,pickaxe ecc..)
  3. Zohd

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Weapons: Kriss, Gladius.
  4. @shooter I was wondering if with the movers/triggers update will be possible do this 1-basically have 2 different triggers(weapon trigger"maybe even select which weapons can activate the trigger",area trigger) linked to a single mover
  5. Zohd

    Official 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition

    Probably bad map http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=748211260
  6. Zohd


    @oanadstyrka Next time click on your nickname to see all your forum activity.
  7. Zohd

    how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    Bolt with charge up mechanics: 0% 40 dmg 100% 80 dmg charge up time to 100% 1sec (0.25s +10dmg) reload 0.5sec
  8. Zohd

    Hitmarkers - now on the workshop as MGLI_H

    Nice! can you add the option to set different hitmarker for each weapon?
  9. Zohd


    So the only way for have more options for dmg numbers is from dev coding or they also can't do nothing about this? Ty for the explanations. The only thing we can do is like disable damage numbers for some weapons like if i binded ion cannon to E i can double bind E also with the cmd cl_text_time 0 and the other weapons with cl_text_time 1 so i can toggle it on/off right?
  10. Zohd

    Bazinga (ATDM, TDM and FFA)

    played few times in atdm was good!
  11. Zohd


    Widget to set damage numbers color based on damage,which weapon you want it enabled/disabled,size of the the numbers. right now default damage numbers color are based on what weapon you use like rl red number,gl green,bolt yellow.... sometime seem you hit a direct rocket but was just 80/90, with this widget could be easy ^ ^
  12. Zohd


  13. Zohd

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    deleting things,same shit different theme,CA map idk. http://imgur.com/iSU43ri
  14. look at materials and drawcalls, brushes/meshes.. are almost the same, some ideas? (and with 38.2 when i am in game/editor esc for popup menu don't work) http://imgur.com/a/rk4if At the end the problem was just the floor brush too big, but i had many trouble cuz it fix only when you save(if you delete/resize the big brush in real time the n. of drawcalls/materials still high)