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  1. Ok, cool. That was kind of my original point was that when messing with balance, this stuff needs to be taken into account. And I don't think a lot of players understand that. My problem with the capsule hitbox is just that you can shoot the robots feet and it goes right through, not a fan of the player sticking out of hitboxes. I know you guys try to avoid that as much as you can so I don't think you're doing anything wrong, I just wish there was a better method of fixing that.
  2. I get the feeling neither of you have actually compared the two view heights and are arguing based off theory, which is a terrible thing to do and usually ends up being wrong. I've actually compared the gameplay with some other pretty good players. HMU if you actually want to be able to compare the two. I'm "ok" on discord.
  3. That benefit doesn't outweigh the negative I've pointed out when you're talking about close range combat. We're also not talking about trying to hit a precise target, we're talking about trying to adjust aim for a target that is moving (dodging) very fast. It doesn't matter how easy that circle is too see when it can move in and out of your view fast, causing you to have to re-adjust when that re-adjustment takes extra long. You ought to actually play with both camera heights and compare the two, I think you'll find that close combat with the old camera height was overall much more consistent and felt a lot better. Largely because going between aiming angles was a lot faster, and in a game as fast as this that makes a difference. We're not talking about standing still and shooting at stationary targets. One thing of note as well, because of the angle you had with the old player size/camera height, if you missed by a little bit it didn't make that big of a difference as it does not. Largely because if you missed because your vertical angle was off, you still hit close enough to deal a good amount of splash (unless your aim is bad), or you would end up getting a direct because you'd be aiming at the shins. This was also because the player size was smaller so you were aiming at a smaller overall area. And the hitbox actually contained the feet, which they do not do now because of the pill shape. This is actually a flaw I think ought to be looked at, but that's for another discussion. Hopefully the changes Electro and Shooter made to rocket splash and stuff in .46 will fix these issues, which is something I'm excited for. Also Stake gun.
  4. We're not talking about different elevations, we're talking about 2 players standing on the same level. Standing at the same level and same distance, you have to aim down much more to hit the same spot now as opposed to before. Engagement distances haven't changed as much, but the angle you have to aim at to hit the feet at those same distances has changed a lot, it is a lot taller. Taking the example I posted, to aim down at the same spot on that blue brush it currently requires much more crosshair movement as you are aiming down a greater distance than you were with the old view height. And the closer that an enemy is to you, the sharper that angle is. In actual gameplay this has a big impact, when your opponent moves towards or away from you it requires a bigger change in vertical aim to continue aiming at their feet than it did before, whereas horizontal aiming has largely remained the same. I could even make a diagram of this using brushes by simply showing the increase in distance in units brush-wise that you have to aim now compared to before. Aiming down at feet from eye level requires a much bigger distance in crosshair movement now than it did before. This is a problem because you are switching the angle you view at a lot. You don't aim IC and Bolt at someones feet, you typically aim at the chest. So when you need to switch to rockets and aim down, having to aim down with a lot more crosshair movement makes it more difficult. Especially when you're aiming at a rather fast moving target. A target that can also change it's distance from you which once again makes you have to readjust your aim, which to reiterate requires more crosshair movement than it previously did.
  5. Messing around in an old patch I have realized a big part of why rockets feel inconsistent to me. This image shows the difference in aiming angles between the old player size/camera height and the current player size/camera height. The green brush is the camera height from before patch .37, the red brush is current camera height. The blue brush represents a target, and the pink angled brushes represent the angle you are aiming at. The top of the green and red brushes match up exactly with the camera heights, and the top of the pink brushes match with the angle you look at when aiming at that top corner of the blue brush. The old camera height was 46 units high, and when aiming at shorter distances you didn't need to aim down as much as you do with the current 59 unit camera height. Because you often are aiming rockets at feet, instead of at the torso like you would with IC or bolt, you have to compensate significantly more with your vertical mouse aim with the current camera height. Coupled with the changes to projectiles and rockets where the projectile spawns further away from the player, it feels much less natural to aim in my opinion. In up-close rocket encounters it feels as if the rocket is spawning behind the enemy, and if I want to aim down for splash I have to aim what feels, at least mouse movement-wise, as trying to aim straight down at my feet. At longer ranges rockets don't feel as bad, because the angle you are aiming at is much less steep, but up close I feel like I'd much rather take my chances with IC, plasma, or shotgun because they feel way more consistent. The changes in .46 might help a lot with this, so we'll have to see. I thought I'd bring this up, though, because this is something I don't think a lot of people realize factors into gameplay. I don't know how others feel about this, but in my opinion this is something really important to take into consideration.
  6. That's actually false. The pattern is 2 rings of pellets.
  7. I echo these sentiments heavily. Knockback feels like ass, I'd say at anything over 40ms. I've gotten screwed by, and screwed over a lot of people in duels and even just FFA by abusing the jankiness of player collisions. Also, I agree with most of what players like Rama, Kyto and Terifire have said. I'm not that great of a player, but from what I've seen watching others and what I've noticed playing myself, here's my thoughts: I think IC kb can be a bit stupid. Like on Ruin you kill someone in RA room then as you're leaving down toward the 50hp/teleporter and the opponent spawns at/near IC, grabs it and fucks you over because the kb pushes you so hard you can't get down to the health. Rockets feel super janky imo, it feels like you pretty much have to hit directs for them to feel useful, and ever since .37 hitting directs has felt a lot more awkward because of the angles you aim at with the new player/camera height. I've actually tested this dicking around in older versions with some players, and rockets did feel way better and more consistent prior to the hitbox/size change. I agree that some splash adjustments could do it some real good. Bolt feels like it could use some tweaking, I think ammo would largely fix this. I rarely find myself running out of bolt ammo and abused the hell out of it against my friend on Ruin earlier. Because I never ran out of ammo I could just pop him any time he went for any item or took any of the jump pads, and then dip away to do whatever I pleased. It feels like hit and run is just way too strong, especially on certain maps. Grenades to me feel a lot like they're more useful for directs than anything else. I get a lot more pineapples than I find myself being successful trying to deny areas with it, I think a hitbox decrease but splash radius increase could make them feel better without making them OP. Though I don't use them quite enough to truly comment on them so take this (and my whole post) with a grain of salt. Plasma feels good, but it does seem to do a bit more DPS than it should, particularly up close. I've been able to go without rockets and just plasma for longer than I should in some scenarios. Maybe it's ROF could be decreased? I don't really know what would be a good way to make it do less damage up close without killing it's usefulness as area of denial. The more skilled players will need to try to figure this one out. Shotgun feels balanced, however I think it has an issue. It seems to have a massive sharp range falloff where it goes pretty much straight from doing 50dmg to doing around 10dmg. I get the feeling it's spread pattern is the cause of this, at a certain range it seems that a lot of pellets just instantly start to miss, where maybe 10 units back it feels like significantly more hit. I may be wrong about this, but it's something I feel I've noticed. If this is the case, idk what other's feel about this and wouldn't mind some commentary from better players. On a final note: BRING BACK THE STAKE GUN!! ;___; I don't think it necessarily needs to fulfill some special role for it to be in the game. Having it in the game could give mappers the ability to add more variety to their maps. I feel like not every map needs every weapon, because then it just gets kind of stale. Having a different weapon setup on a map can make players have to adapt their playstyle to the map and gives maps their uniqueness. Much like Lost World which has no RG, putting more emphasis on the LG and making it an important weapon to control especially for going to mid. Having the stake gun would add another option for alternative weapon setups for maps. Maybe use it to replace bolt or gl or something to add some spice to the map. Agree/disagree, call me a shitter, whatever is fine. This is just my 2 cents though.
  8. ok_hand

    vst1 - Abbadon - New Art Update

    Updated the art again. Basically, I'm taking the new art style and trying to make it more gothic/evil since it's been heavily requested. It's still WIP, but it may end up being danker than the old version. http://imgur.com/a/ZZls1
  9. ok_hand

    vst1 - Abbadon - New Art Update

    2016 Update - Complete art overhaul The art has been completely overhauled, the gothic theme has been dropped for a more Mars Base type aesthetic. Visibility should be much better and areas should overall be much more distinct so that you can much easier tell where you are.
  10. ok_hand

    vst420 - Monastery

    vst420 - Monastery by Viscerated and MAD_JIHAD First-pass release of our new 1v1 map. We decided to release an official fully-functional version since it has received a lot of positive feedback and people want to play it. We'll further update it with better, more complete art, hence why this is just a first-pass official release. The art theme was partly inspired by dp8 and prdm3, so thanks to promeus, def and fht. We hope to see it in some tourneys. Thanks to Duck, Promeus, Warlord Wossman, Kovaak, Guilt, Made, King, c9, Lonezilla and possibly others I may have missed (tell me) for feedback and/or playtesting. DL: http://reflexfiles.com/file/518/ Pickups: 2x RL 1x other weapons 1x RA 2x YA 1x MH 1x 50HP 4x 25HP Screenshot:
  11. ok_hand

    vst1 - Abbadon - New Art Update

    It's gonna be dark without dynamic lights on. The only way to fix that would be to kill the entire vibe of the map by ripping off the roof and making it daytime. Just use dynamic lights, subframe input is in the game now so there's no "I need my FPS" excuse anymore.
  12. ok_hand

    vst1 - Abbadon - New Art Update

    UPDATE 12/19. I lied, this is the final update to the map (maybe). Changelog: Overhauled the walls to use prefab-ed bricks, there's overall less brick meshes in them now and a little more variation in their color. Should hopefully perform a bit better too. Added some new art assets from .38 (MH Pillar is now an actually pillar). Updated map info stuff added in 38. Hoping to get this added to the official map pool now.
  13. ok_hand

    Competitive Duel Map Contest

    It's the 30th so I hope I'm not too late, but I'd like to submit the final version of vst1. http://reflexfiles.com/file/395 Forum thread for changelogs (they were too big to post on the revisions in reflexfiles):
  14. ok_hand

    vst1 - Abbadon - New Art Update

    New version. Unless anything major pops up that needs fixing, this is the final update to the map. Changelog: Raised some archways to avoid banging head into them (again). Fixed some portal exits. Fixed some visual bugs with brushes I accidentally messed up and other misc visual changes. Various geometry changes to help with some movement that felt like it should be possible and smooth, but was awkward to do (such as dropping down to the RA room from the bridge above it). Some areas widened a bit to help with fluidity, notably rafters by MH and the hallway of the other YA. Adjusted MH pillar (again). Map file renamed to vst1 as this is intended to be the final version. UPDATE 2: Fixed a major bug oversight, this will be the REAL final version. You could get stuck behind the arch under the bridge and be unable to get out of it making you an easy target, this has been fixed with a clip.