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  1. pupz_

    [EU] New-Maps-Cup, general info

    Im in
  2. pupz_

    [dp5] furnace

    amd fx 6300, 8 gb ram, gt 630 and still can\t play on it on low settings and overclocked gpu.... I think it\s not optimized
  3. pupz_

    0.34.3 - Knock knock

    ‚Äči totally agree. Always preferred rocket, but with the new update it's something horrible...
  4. pupz_

    Rocket Launcher

    what are u talking about? it's boring to watch, play/.
  5. pupz_

    0.34.3 - Knock knock

    I have same problem with windows 7. Also problems with the rocket launcher knockout, it feels that the some damage does not pass...