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  1. /fragile

    Water skimming?

    I like the idea but I think the technique would be very easy to master for seasoned players on one hand while introducing another hurdle for newcomers on the other hand. Not sure if something that isn't contributing a lot to depth (outside of race) should be introduced if it potentially might scare newcomers. Just FYI if this will be a thing I coin the term "to jeez" for this and the update should be released on easter.
  2. /fragile

    Feature Request: REPLAY BROWSER

    In case you don't know, there are already some tools out there doing similar stuff. ZuLuuuuuu build a client for the official replays that allows one to select a replay and fire it up in reflex (maybe someone can extend this to local replays). I added an advanced unpolished replay info functionality server side ( which could also be exploited for local use. Writing some kind of filter/query form would be no big deal. Extending this to an api endpoint for further processing in a local client wouldn't be that hard as well. With these solutions I think a community developed application as a replay catalog launching reflex to play replays on demand is more promising and the devs time might be better invested on other features atm. I like your idea to integrate it into reflex directly though.
  3. /fragile

    Community Server Stats

    I just added elo history to the community server stats thing. This allows for trend information + it allows to plot those nice elo graphs A bot was added to the noobschleuder discord that you can query about your elo and the elos of players currently playing on the server (maybe useful to even out teams).
  4. /fragile

    Community Server Stats

    I added elo calculation for noobschleuder tdm games You only show up there if you have played some matches (have to be above a certain confidence level of the elo algorithm (glicko btw.). The first data point is somewhere early may and it's based on 5k games played so far in that period.
  5. /fragile

    Community Server Stats

    I worked on a simple system to gather some basic community/server stats. The result can be found here It updates every hour and basically puts the info of the replay headers into a database for further processing. It's far from being perfect (and you should maybe refrain from putting mysql commands in your playername) but it features some nice stats like map ranking, improved replay downloads, and a pretty useless plot of your scores during the last matches. Any feedback appreciated! If you are interested in setting this up for your server as well feel free to pm me. (If you want to play on the community server in question and you don't want your info on the site pm me for black listing.)
  6. /fragile

    Reflex Replay Helper

    I added some additional replayinfo to my servers downloads. Implementing some interface to return a json response would be pretty easy. (
  7. /fragile

    What would you like to see in reflex

    I'd love to see new mutators. Some suggestions: Remove the arena mutator and split it up into - Round based mutator (arena modes can be played continuously without it, other modes can be played round based with it. I would love playing 1v1 in the fashion a1v1 is played, ctf would be the same salad suggested) - no self/team damage - full stack - explosive stake (stake explodes if it hits the wall in a very short time allowing to use it as a rocket jump alternative for stake instagib). - no pickups Some additional scripting stuff would be great as well.
  8. Yep. It was on reddit some time ago and seems to be confirmed by a lot of people that it runs now.
  9. Keep in mind that there already is a nifty Domination client by Terifire. Maybe some ideas could be prototyped using that. Here is pic of it in action showing its area highlighting abilities. I just did it a quick test but everything seems to be working just fine. Adapting it to maps is pretty straight forward. I only tested it with local maps though and looking at the code I am pretty sure workshop maps are not working atm. I came up with a mode which could be easily implemented I guess. Hybrid CTF domination. Flags spawn in the enemies base, only the flag carrier can conquer domination areas (additionally extra points are credited if you control all dom points and you return the flag maybe?). Feel free to give me feedback on this via discord or pm. I might give it a try to implement it on top of Terifires domination if there is anyone thinking that might be fun.
  10. /fragile

    ffa arena mutator

    Warmup is nice but as you mentioned it has self/team damage (+ a lower stack) and no self damage is an essential part of arena. I think it's just a design decision how to get to the non round based arena experience (warmup without self-damage or arena without rounds). Arena is just no self damage + full stack to me so I just suggested to just "outsource" the rounds. I would be happy with a no self/team damage mutator as well.
  11. /fragile

    ffa arena mutator

    Currently the arena mutator introduces round based gameplay into ffa (and other modes) rendering the mode ffa + arena mutator combination stale (avoiding early fights and just getting into the action at the end seems to be the most promising way to win). I suggest to add another mutator "round based" and to alter the arena mutator so it only adds "full stack, all weapons, no self/team damage". This way affa could be played round and frag based (+ as a side effect atdm could be played on a team frag basis + regular tdm could be played round based).
  12. @thyriaen it's x86 (32bit) wine 2.1. wine >2.1 produces some weird graphic glitches for me. It runs without anything else installed. (I tried installing dx11 via playonlinux and now even without dynamic lights some maps are playable).
  13. For the server: I don't know about the docker container but running it with the standard wine cmd is just as straight as it gets. You don't need X11 for it. If you need any help pm me. Why do you want to use a docker image? For the client: I just used plain playonlinux, installed steam with it, choose the wine 2.1 staging and ran the thing in window mode with dynamic lights on. Currently it caps at 60 fps which is the refresh rate of my monitor (makes sense when it runs in window mode). But it's pretty much maxed out cpu wise i think so i get 1/4th of my windows reflex frame rate but it's playable (I still switch to my windows only for the game because playing with 60 vs 240 fps is still a big deal). There is a bug that prevents the ambient light to be displayed correctly (I just assume it's some kind of missing blending functionality currently missing in the dx 11 wine implementation which prevents the lightmap to be merged into the scene correctly but just an educated guess). Without dynamic light barely anything can be seen. In the winecfg there are some overrides in the libraries section (guess it's from installing steam via play on linux) * d3dx11_42 (native, builtin) * d3dx11_43 (native, builtin) * dwrite (disabled) * gameoverlayrenderer (disabled) If someone is interested I can make a small video of it but I don't really see a point to do so. I assume in most major distributions it should be as easy as installing playonlinux and a decent driver for your gpu, install steam via playonlinux and install the game. At this point I would not recommend it though.
  14. Mouse input is working out of the box for me. Just tested wine 2.1 and there is a huge performance boost! It's now quiet playable for me.
  15. For me it runs on around 1/10th of my windows fps in wine 2. I got the same "dark lighting" problems that you seem to witness. Some maps work better than others + you can try switching dynamic lighting (For me some maps work better with and some do work better without it). I think wine dx11 support will improve in the near future so maybe give it a try again 2-3 months? I don't get those weird artifacts your stairs produce btw. It "feels" a little driver related. Are you on an amd gpu or are you using free drivers? Here are some examples i got using wine 2 rc4 (i think) and current nvidia drivers http://imgur.com/a/eQxrh on my 750Ti At the moment it's not playable for me but I still use it on linux for plugin development.