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  1. Here are some things I would like you to think about. 1)Maybe don't expose the full ladder. I can imagine that it will discourage the players at the low end when they see where they are and maybe don't play any further if in worst case they even go down the ladder with each match. 2) I don't know the benefit of "Last Played" in the ladder but if it has any then it gives me the impression of many people did not play for a long time and honestly I think at the moment that is counterproductive. These things are fixed in minutes but may have some impact. 3) Many people are talking about game/weapon balance, movement and so on but I honestly think, although it might not bring in new players but what I think is missing a lot in Reflex is sound ambience/atmosphere and maybe there are some talented musicians in the community who are willing to contribute some loops for the start screen and maybe some in-game background music/(weapon?)/sounds when they get a golden guitar melee or something in return. It was just my first thought when I started QC ... whoa there is ambience/atmosphere and that did not come from the laggy gfx performance but from the sound. I don't think I have to explain that any further but you can even have best gfx end effects in the world but when sound design stinks it will never take off. I can't remember if it was Warsow or another game but the weapon sounds alone where for me like ... ok... that's it... that just does not fit in the game. Just my two cents, cheers. Trip
  2. trip

    Global vs Non-Global Sounds

    That is exactly one of the problems at the moment. For nearby players it is nearly impossible to say from which direction they come. I also want to say it is not only about duels here what people should keep in mind. We have an active ffa and atdm community. It cripples the game to a certain extend as it is impossible to locate where a fight might be on the map when you are totally lost in silence and therefore it is harder to support your teammates. I mean it's ok to say devs are gonna fix that in the future but please don't implement a feature when it is half baked and please think about how such drastic changes might affect different game modes also. Even when I shoot a rocket on Static Discharge from one side of the level to the other I can't here the impact sound. I think that does not contribite to "a natural feeling" of the environment.
  3. trip

    High CPU load with lots of players

    I don't know but in the past I did not notice the frame drops but now I have it a lot when I play with lots of players. First I thought it is the GPU (GTX960) because I have an i5-6600k at 3.5 GHZ which should not be the bottleneck but now that I made a/b test with r_profiler I recognized that the GPU is not under heavy load but CPU is from approx 30% when I am alone to 100% with framedrops when there are more than 5 to 8 players depending on the map. All GFX settings are low or turned off. I also turned off ragdoll and all the extra gfx stuff too so maybe its just my setup but I find it a bit odd that the number off players has such a huge impact on the game performance (cpu load), at least on my rig which is after all relatively new. Is there anybody else with the issue or is it a engine thing which be optimized further? Keep up the good work, cheers, Trip
  4. trip

    Reflex 0.45.0

  5. trip

    Reflex 0.45.0

    Plasma cell speed changed from 3000ups -> 1500ups Plasma cell damage changed from 12 -> 15 Shotgun reload changed from 1000ms to 800ms Flag drag, over 640 ups your speed will be limited with flag. After feedback here Reverted previous IC changes, going to try something else in the future.
  6. trip

    Reflex 0.45.0

    Guess it means that the experimental rulesets from the previous version are now implemented in the game. Great work devs
  7. Hello from Asia, Trip, miek, verm and gnsh0t would be happy to join Team "FoNgPo"
  8. trip

    ykdm2 - Silk

    Ah ok, now I see, anyway compared to other maps I think some corners could use more light. Especially when you play all settings low and don't have the relexions of the items then some parts dont' have a lot of contrast imo.
  9. trip

    ykdm2 - Silk

    IMO overall layout looks good. Some corners could use a little more light and you can't get out of the water pit near the teleporter without weapon help afaik see. If you are out of ammo and get stuck there, might be a little annoying imo.
  10. trip

    Some Feedback

    Well actually I like the sounds but maybe it just needs time to get used to them but if they get even better, why not? I think it would be cool if games stats like accuracy and so on could be introduced soon.
  11. trip

    Lab 6

    Very nice. Not to overloaded with effects so no eye cancer I think you forgot a fullclip for the double spin door behind the red armour. That's the only thing I noticed so far.
  12. trip

    0.34.3 - Knock knock

    Well in atdm the stake gun is used quite often by pro players in smaller maps and imo it is extremely powerfull already. I guess as we play mostly atdm we have a totally different experience. Well maybe I am wrong but in Q3 I really used nearly all the weapons according to the situation but at the moment (besides rl) I am tending to use bolt for long range and ion for short/mid distance. Never felt the "weak shotgun" is the weapon of choice in any specific situation in fact imo no one uses it if he has any other choice. Just my 2 cents, cheers, Trip
  13. trip

    0.34.3 - Knock knock

    Hi there, first of all I played a lot of reflex already and it is lot of fun. I actually don't like the rl nerf and the change of the plasma gun. While those changes might be perfect for 1on1 games I think for atdm they are a real downside. Before the hitscan plasma was a little usefull in long range fights - it has become more or less useless now. With the rl nerf the only weapon usable on many atdm maps is the bolt which is kind of boring. Maybe you can replace the weak shotgun with the old plasma gun? If it is to powerfull than reduce damage but the weak shotgun is kind of annoying You might want to keep in mind that there are constantly new players and when you always make the game harder because you are a pro or semi pro player and watch only pro player matches to make you decisions you are forgetting the new players who get "humiliated" for 2 or 3 games and than maybe never play again. From technical issues, we always have problems switching back to fullscreen when we use skype. This was the case for a long time but it seems it is getting nearly impossible now to switch back to fullscreen when I accept a skype call during game. With mumble it is no problem so there is an issue between the two applications. Maybe it became worse with the nvidia driver update. Also windows seems to switch now into 7 bit compatibility mode or something which never happened before. About art direction. You are free to go whereever you want. Imo I think some reworked maps for example dp4 looked a lot better and cleaner with the dev textures. I hope the dev textures will stay in the game because some people might prefer the clean "Portal" style. I know art is WIP and maybe the engine will be pimped in the future but atm the new style is kinda "clinical" or cold. One of my fav maps dp6, shows what is possible even with reduced textures. I hope you consider some of my proposals Keep up the good work,trip