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    Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    Then force a minimum number of maps must be selected, when it comes time to vote they wont always get that map. Also that scenario does not really pose as big of a problem as you make it seem, one map wonders eventually will be forced to play something else and get destroyed.
  2. Username

    Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    Rather than have to make a playlist, why can't we just have the option to select the maps we want to cue for? You could even pull the data to show the most played maps to get a real sense of what is popular, the workshop voting system will never give a truly accurate value.
  3. Username

    Experimental Wishlist

    Seconds off the clock until the last minute.
  4. Not your personal hug box, check your flaws and shortcomings at the spawnpoint. Currently in testing, available on the workshop. Features: 1xRA 2xYA 1xMH & a full weapon set.
  5. Username

    (WIP) userdm4 - BRUT [1v1]

    Small update with just some minor item tweaks on reflexfiles. May put it up on the workshop if I can fix the light leaks.
  6. Username

    (WIP) userdm4 - BRUT [1v1]

    "BRUT" - The French word for "raw" to describe the raw unfinished concrete found the in modernist architectural sub style that is brutalism as this map draws much visual inspiration from it. This is a medium sized duel map that was born out of some room ideas I have had over the past few months. With loads of trickjump potential and an irregular diagonal based layout I hope you will find it an engaging map to frag on. Currently it is in testing, and art direction still being tweaked. So play away and let me know what you think. http://reflexfiles.com/file/476 I also want to make an early shout out to some who have taken a look and gave early feedback: Mad-jihad (for his ongoing help with the look and feel of this map) Guilt (for putting it up on his servers and actually playing it) Duck, Sickdownlink, King, Eldrek, Meowgli, Lonezilla, Dream, and Vicerated. Servers: [US/VA] Guilt [Lonezilla] Dallas 1&2 [US-W] 24/7 Gud dool maps
  7. I think it would be interesting to see the mega tele exit face the 25hp rather than the GL so you have to do a 90 degree jump. Sucks no one can find Ezid
  8. Username

    (WIP) userdm4 - BRUT [1v1]

    What would you rather have there?
  9. Username

    Calendar - terit4

    One minor thing I noticed was the tele in ion cannon room had a exit symbol where there wasn't one.
  10. Username

    cpm3a port (Jan 13th update)

    Thanks for being the guy who is willing to make these clean conversions for everyone.
  11. Username

    Centered Item timers.

    I went ahead and edited the ItemTimer script to include the same easy horizontal rack option as the WeaponRack has. For horizontal: local verticalRack = false; Change to true for vertical. Full Script: require "base/internal/ui/reflexcore" PickupTimers = { }; registerWidget("PickupTimers"); local PickupVis = {}; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_ARMOR50] = {}; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_ARMOR50].svg = "internal/ui/icons/armor"; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_ARMOR50].color = Color(0,255,0); PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_ARMOR100] = {}; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_ARMOR100].svg = "internal/ui/icons/armor"; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_ARMOR100].color = Color(255,255,0); PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_ARMOR150] = {}; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_ARMOR150].svg = "internal/ui/icons/armor"; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_ARMOR150].color = Color(255,0,0); PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_HEALTH100] = {}; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_HEALTH100].svg = "internal/ui/icons/health"; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_HEALTH100].color = Color(60,80,255); PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_POWERUPCARNAGE] = {}; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_POWERUPCARNAGE].svg = "internal/ui/icons/carnage"; PickupVis[PICKUP_TYPE_POWERUPCARNAGE].color = Color(255,120,128); -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function PickupTimers:draw() -- Early out if HUD should not be shown. if not shouldShowHUD() then return end; local translucency = 192; -- Find player local player = getPlayer(); -- count pickups local pickupCountTotal = 0; local pickupCount = 0; for k, v in pairs(pickupTimers) do pickupCountTotal = pickupCountTotal + 1; -- only display timers we care about -- (we expose all pickups to SPECATORS only, but we don't want all those pickups in this side list) -- (this is only an issue when you're following a player) if PickupVis[v.type] ~= nil then pickupCount = pickupCount + 1; end end local spaceCount = pickupCount - 1; -- Options local verticalRack = false; local timerWidth = 100; local timerHeight = 30; local timerSpacing = 5; -- 0 or -1 to remove spacing -- Helpers local rackWidth = (timerWidth * pickupCount) + (timerSpacing * spaceCount); local rackLeft = -(rackWidth / 2); local timerX = rackLeft; local timerY = 0; if verticalRack == true then rackHeight = (timerHeight * pickupCount) + (timerSpacing * spaceCount); rackTop = -(rackHeight / 2); timerX = 0; timerY = rackTop; end -- iterate pickups for i = 1, pickupCountTotal do local pickup = pickupTimers[i]; local vis = PickupVis[pickup.type]; if vis ~= nil then local backgroundColor = Color(0,0,0,65) -- Frame background nvgBeginPath(); nvgRect(timerX,timerY,timerWidth,timerHeight); nvgFillColor(backgroundColor); nvgFill(); -- Icon local iconRadius = timerHeight * 0.40; local iconX = timerX + iconRadius + 5; local iconY = timerY + (timerHeight / 2); local iconColor = vis.color; local iconSvg = vis.svg; -- Plot icon nvgFillColor(iconColor); nvgSvg(iconSvg, iconX, iconY, iconRadius); -- Time local t = FormatTime(pickup.timeUntilRespawn); local timeX = timerX + (timerWidth / 2) + iconRadius; local time = t.seconds + 60 * t.minutes; if time == 0 then time = "!"; end if not pickup.canSpawn then time = "held"; end nvgFontSize(30); nvgFontFace("TitilliumWeb-Bold"); nvgTextAlign(NVG_ALIGN_CENTER, NVG_ALIGN_TOP); nvgFontBlur(0); nvgFillColor(Color(255,255,255)); nvgText(timeX, timerY, time); if verticalRack == true then timerY = timerY + timerHeight + timerSpacing; else timerX = timerX + timerWidth + timerSpacing; end end end end
  12. Username

    Redesign proposal of burst gun

    Projectile MG? Though this may end up too similar to Plasma, it just might work.
  13. Username

    Aerowalk v2.01

    This is how more maps need to look, with minimal mesh usage.
  14. Username

    Server for playtesting maps ( EU )

    Why not I guess. How will people know where to leave feedback? http://reflexfiles.com/file/476
  15. Username

    (WIP) userdm4 - BRUT [1v1]

    Map updated to .38 format, unfortunately the new lightmap is now full of leaks on the 45 degree walls. This new version also adds rampy rock formations at the 6 shards. Will be doing another art pass later.
  16. Username

    (WIP) userdm4 - BRUT [1v1]

    New update out, hoping to have a high level demo up soon. This will probably be the last update until I can take a look at 0.38's meshes.
  17. Username

    (WIP) userdm4 - BRUT [1v1]

    Update out with further art revisions and a map title.
  18. Username

    (WIP) userdm4 - BRUT [1v1]

    Update up with a few changes and an early art/light pass.
  19. Username

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Something I have been toying with the past few weeks that I feel is finally ready for balance testing. Please excuse the potato settings.
  20. Username


    ‚ÄčThis does not work.
  21. Username


    How about a widget for setting binds to multiple weapons. ie: Burst and Shotgun to the same bind, when Shotgun is either empty or not held it goes to Burst instead. Another one that might be useful is turning off/on hit numbers for certain weapons.
  22. Username

    Default weapon! Discussion

    Making burst gun into a low dps projectile MG could be an interesting alternative.
  23. Username

    [0.36.4] Weird brush/player collisions

    Should also note that text editing the base and roof into one brush removes the walking on air.
  24. Username

    [fixed] [0.36.4] BDM3 clipping bug

    Found a 8unit wide gap in the full clipping on a pillar in BDM3, that is pretty abuse-able.