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  1. A week or so ago, while I was in a race server, another racer expressed the desire to change the colour of the accelmeter. About the same time, I noticed that reflexcore contains script for colour-picking. Since I added colours some time ago to my own personal version, I decided to add it to Reflex Run (with the addition of colour-pickers instead of manually entering colour-numbers). Also added the option to invert the circle accelmeter. These changes (and the high ping fix) have been added to develop version of the widget (they have not yet been put into master) .. this means you have to download it from this link: https://github.com/quartz55/reflexrun/archive/develop.zip What it looks like:
  2. ACCELMETER UNLAGGED The final wish I had for the script was to make it non-ping dependent. This would, I believe, enable better international race competition. This has now been achieved. ===== Runners who connect to distant race servers - pinging 300+ milliseconds - would have noticed that the accelmeter is delayed while strafe jumping. The reason for this: getPlayer() and getLocalPlayer() These give us player arrays that we can do interesting things with in script (the first function gives us the player whose eyes we are looking through, the second gives us the local client). Most of the variables in these arrays are not affected by ping. You can check your speed, what weapon you have selected, how much health you have, what angle you are facing, etc., without having to wait 300+ milliseconds for the answer. We encounter problem, however, when we want to know what button we pushed: player.buttons Although this is, quite simply, an array of your forward, backward, left, right, jump and attack buttons, it is ping dependent. The accelmeter needs to use this array because it needs to know when you are strafing left and when you are strafing right. The result is a ping delayed accelmeter. ===== The solution is an accelmeter that does not use player.buttons. One that uses player.anglesDegrees instead: being an array - one that is not affected by ping - of your yaw (looking left and right) and your pitch (looking up and down) [also apparently of roll, which would be useful for an aeroplane mod I guess]. So, by taking our current yaw, and comparing it to our yaw from a moment ago, we can determine if we have begun looking left or looking right. With this information, the accelmeter can tell us the optimum look angle. The upshot: I have updated the accelmeter with a checkbox on its widget option screen labelled "High Ping Fix". (update pending quartz approval) Click this option: using the accelmeter on 300+ ping will now feel the same as on zero ping. One drawback: the anglesDegrees method is slightly buggy. With the option selected, expect occasional flickering of the accelmeter.
  3. Check that you put both the VoiceOver.lua file and the vox directory in: steamapps/common/reflexfps/base/internal/ui/VOwidget/ Can you verify that the default announcers work before trying any custom sounds. Also you need the test release to use duel sounds (download in first post of this thread) because the previous release only supported CTF.
  4. Over the past few days I worked on a test release for a new version. Link is at the top of this thread. Contains 12 new announcements: - Match time warnings for: five minutes left and one minute left. Really helpful for duels especially. No longer will you have the thought "it's over already??" - Overtime announcement. Works for repeated overtimes also (2x, 3x, etc.) - Start game and end game: "fight!", "run!", "you win/lose", "your team wins/loses" - FFA and 1v1 lead announcements: "you are tied for the lead", "you have taken/lost the lead" I guess this covers most of what needs to be announced. If I can think of anything else I'll add it. ===== A test release, because there are a few minor issues. These occur for specs (everything seems to be fine if you are in-game). The lead announcements have been disabled for specs (until I figure out how to fix) - since the widget has to keep track of scores, changing the player that you are speccing means that the scores change .. If you connect to a server where a match is already in progress, you'll hear a bunch of announcements for whatever you would have heard if you were there from the beginning. - in that situation, the five minute warning message plays even if it's not at the five minute mark yet. I don't know why that happens.
  5. Kovaak: I originally tested a "fight" announcement when I added the countdown but decided against including it - I found it to be an interference for certain situations. (e.g.) Starting a duel on cpm22, your opponent spawns on red armour - the sound of the pickup potentially being drowned out by the announcement. Maybe I'll re-add it but with an option to disable it. Sure there's a lot of other announcements that could be added: "you win" "your team has taken the lead" "scores are tied" .. probably even some cosmetic announcements such as "impressive" and "excellent". I will need to make up a list of announcements before I do anything more. Suggestions welcome.
  6. Widget updated: - on Eldrek's request: I added an option that allows you to type the name of any additional voicepack == so you no longer need to overwrite existing packs. This appears to be the only way to support extra content. As far as I can tell, it is not possible to make a script that automatically reads the names of the directories in internal .. they must be manually specified. - Added new sound = player-hasflag "You have the enemy flag" == not just for an ego boost, it's for those situations where both you and a teammate dive for the flag at the same time. This announcement resolves confusion about who got it.
  7. Minor update: widget was broken by 0.37.3 Click big download link at the top of this thread to get fixed version.
  8. I updated the widget (click that big download link at the top of this thread): - added countdown for match/round start = "three" ... "two" ... "one" ===== this is quite useful for people who either disabled the GameMessages widget or moved it from the centre of the screen to the periphery. Works great for arena mode. - added in widget options checkboxes to enable/disable the voice for countdown event or CTF event (if you only want to hear one or the other, not both) - slightly more efficient code ----- I did have a "flag dropped" announcement when I first wrote the widget, but I decided to remove it. I found it unhelpful because generally the flag is retaken/returned soon after a drop. In frantic situations where the flag is taken then dropped then returned then taken again then dropped again then returned again then the enemy scores -- all in the space of 2.5 seconds -- having the drop announcement causes too much noise and it causes the more important messages to be delayed.
  9. Concern (2): I found the GameMessages widget to be a particularly annoying script. Indeed, most of the arena players I know have this one turned off, since the countdown message interferes with visibility (in arena mode, you typically fire a shot as soon as the round begins). Ironically, I only discovered that the GameMessages widget had been updated for CTF after I had begun writing the voiceover script, since I had it disabled. A better solution than turning it off is to reposition it. By default, you cannot do this. Why? I don't know, and I don't see any good reason why not. To fix this, open it: reflexfps/base/internal/ui/widgets/GameMessages.lua Then edit the 16th line: canPosition = false change it to: -- canPosition = false (so that it is commented out) Now you can go into its widget option screen and move it around. I set my Y offset to 450, that places it near the bottom of the screen, just above the health/ammo. That will allow you to still receive CTF event messages without having them obstruct your view.
  10. Voice pack for CTF DOWNLOAD (update 16 NOV) TEST RELEASE (update 23 NOV) What this does: "Your team has the enemy flag" .. "Enemy flag returned" .. (you get the idea). Why: ordinarily Reflex uses only a single sound file for flag steals and return (ctf_taken.wav and ctf_returned.wav) -- meaning that replacement of these files is not sufficient for distinct team/enemy audio. To correct this, I spent the past couple of days creating this widget. I have provided 2 different sound packs with the widget. You can select the one that you think sounds the best in the widget option screen (make sure you click "visible" on the widget screen or it won't work). Also adjustable on the option screen are the volume (in case it is too quiet for you) and delay. This delay I added because simultaneity of events in CTF is a somewhat common occurrence (e.g. you have the flag and are sitting on your capture point, waiting for your team flag to be returned -- as soon as it does, you score a capture). Without a delay, this simultaneity would cause multiple voices to be played at the same time. Delay is in seconds. I thought that 1.5 was a good value. If you have trouble keeping track of the voice during simultaneous events, try increasing the delay. Or decrease it if you don't mind overlapping voices. The widget and its voices should be stored in reflexfps/base/internal/ui/VOwidget One concern: the default ctf_capture_friendly.wav (in internal/effects/ctf/) seemed too loud when voices are used. You can try replacing it with a quieter sound. I used the enemy capture sound (ctf_capture_enemy.wav), that one works well. LET ME KNOW if there are any issues. Thanks to Mary for providing us with the voices.
  11. Keter

    Map Miscellanea

    I took a couple of months break from mapping to work on projects unrelated to this game. But I started again last week, putting meshes into cpm15. That should be done in a week or two, and then maybe a couple of weeks after that placebo will be finished. I never played ctf on Q4 so I wouldn't know any of the people involved. But yeah you've come across the general issue here, that decade old contact details become lost in the void. http://zhakal.com/files/Maps/Maps.html Try searching for his name, something might come up.
  12. Keter

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    Yeah the new movement is particularly noticeable on race maps. More difficult to preserve high speed through tight turns due to the A+D nerf.
  13. I've been testing different features to see if there is any way to improve things further. Most of the stuff I came up with probably isn't too useful, so it's unlikely that I'll make them available. But I'll offer a look in case I happen to have made something that people find super appealing. This one is an inversion of the circle accelmeter. Useful for a meter that pops down from the top of the screen (or even for having it circle underneath the crosshair instead of above it). In the spirit of customisation, the option to make it look colourful (works for both the circle and line accelmeter). A couple of other things (no pics, use your imagination): I noticed in some of the speedmeter widgets that people created - a line that not only grows in size depending on player speed but that also changes colour depending on the speed (e.g. green for slow, red getting faster, etc). I implemented this in the accelmeter - it begins yellow and gradually becomes redder the faster you go. It's a neat way to combine accelmeter and speedmeter into one, though it seemed more of an ornament than anything else. Continuing from this, I made an option so the accelmeter represents true health. That is, it appears blue at 400 and red at near 0 (with shades of purple between those extremes). Again, it's a novelty that maybe won't be too much of an assistant, though perhaps this kind of visual clue will help some people play better (seeing it get redder and redder and you'll know it's time to turn and run).