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  1. tiba

    Dedicated server on linux

    Unfortunley i cant install wine on my linux servers. He is totally dedicated to open cs: go servers on linux. A friend opened a server based on this informations but getting alot of packet loss.
  2. tiba

    Dedicated server on linux

    Hey guys, you can help me create dedicated server based on linux? I tryed others topics, but a not found a solution!
  3. tiba

    Matchmaking System

    I was very happy to know that the forum administrators answer our questions , I think it would be interesting to do something in levels, and from the moment that the person reach such a level to play matches in matchmaking , that way she'll get some skill before venturing , I think we should have several modalities, 2x2 , 3x3 and 5x5 for the larger maps . I was very anxious to see this happening in this game and I'm sure that if this system is activated , several people playing BEFORE , will return to play and certainly will have new players , the problem is that you will need to create OFFICIAL servers and will be willing helping to create here in BRAZIL that for sure we will have many players.
  4. tiba

    Matchmaking System

    My English is very bad , so I will use a translator. Personal following , Reflex games like today it attracts only the oldschool staff, so I think it would be interesting to implement a matchmaking system where it meets opponents with the same skill you ( something like the system the league of legends ) Because I 'm talking about the need that? The game does not attract new players because ? Because one enters , one enters oldschool guy is 50-0 and he will not want to play anymore. Games like this that take years to acquire certain skills are no longer attractive . With a matchmaking system the person would come and would play against people of the same level and consequently learn more and would make even more competitive.