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  1. ^^^^^ Make the game far more modifiable, the magnificent map editor and the excellent netcode are already a HUGE benefit to the community... just give us more tools to create something that Pixelstudios may think "Hey.. this guy is onto something here, let's work with him to develop this mod/game further" Like what Half-Life was to Counter Strike. Reflex is flashy looking and fun for a small amount of time... but I think as a community, there's bound to be someone out there that creates the next team based shooter with Reflex as a base.
  2. It's simple. The game just isn't unique enough to really make much of an impact on a fast growing market. Let's be honest.... Reflex caters to a very small market. The game will need some drastic changes in terms of core gameplay to have an impact or become large enough to satisfy the needs of it's small community. There's a reason why games like Toxik, Warsow etc all have only had a small ( in comparison to other titles released at the same time ) following. It's been done, it's dated. That's why Quake Champions is still holding the arena feel, but evolving it more - It's honestly very refreshing. I never expected Reflex to compete against the big titles, purely because I've always known it's mainly here to cater for the old school shooters. But if they want to survive, I think they could use the technology they have and evolve the game into something that still holds its core arena values but evolves them into something more unique. If you look at Reflex as a brand, what is it that stands out to you? What feels like "a breath of fresh air" in the arena shooter world?... map making?
  3. I'm in NZ and timezone differences may not work. But... I'm so keen on being "Pulse". Mainly because his settings are identical to mine. ​I have practically been method acting this part for a year now...
  4. Narzdy

    Reflex 0.38 - Gooey

    Creaming myself in anticipation to get home and play the new release!!!!
  5. Narzdy

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    ​What's that mic etc icon in the bottom right of the images? P.S - Map looks fucking siiiiiiick!
  6. Narzdy


  7. Narzdy

    Add smooth shading to weapons

    I actually prefer what we currently have in game right now.
  8. Narzdy

    I'll just leave this here...

    ​I'm going to have to say... I 100% agree with you.
  9. Narzdy

    0.37.2 Point Release

    Loving the quick patches!
  10. Narzdy

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    I'm absolutely blown away by yet another incredible release by the developers. Have been having an absolute blast in CTF, Monolith is freaking amazing just... everything is fantastic. So so so loving this game more and more as I play and someone who has played CPMA & Q3/QL for over 10 years... I LOVE THE MOVEMENT!!!!!
  11. Narzdy

    Narzdy | Sound Effects Test 01

    ​It's the video capture bitrate, it has significantly reduced the audio quality. Will find a better way to record the audio ( with video, otherwise I would just use SoundCloud to demo the audio, however the video is crucial in visualising the audio ) N
  12. Narzdy

    Narzdy | Sound Effects Test 01

    Thanks for all the feedback! I have taken all the comments into consideration, and a lot of what has been said is already in the works. I jumped the gun in showing where I was currently at in the design process, but will give you all an update within the next few days with some big edits and hopefully some more audio of other weapons and items etc too. I will find a way to record the video with HQ audio as well, as the current method just isn't cutting the mustard, there's a shitload of loss in that audio, so wasn't the best way of portraying the audio. N
  13. I'm sorry for the audio quality, I'm not sure how to capture the game audio in HD. So there's a lot of high frequency sound that you won't hear due the capture software compression and then YouTube's compression. So... I decided to start custom designing my own sounds for Reflex. I'm aware that the development team will be replacing them all, however I just wanted to have a go for myself. I'm a music producer and I love sound design, I use what ever I can find and mix and mangle sound along with processing and additional synthesis to come up with something new. These sounds are all a mix of Foley and a lot of synthesis ( FM synthesis primarily ) Note that this is the first test, so there will be a tonne of changes. So far I've created: boltrifle_fire burst_impact burstgun_fire hostile_jump ( I'm going to be heavily tweaking this so it's not so intrusive sounding ) plasmarifle_fire ( I know it needs more attack ) shotgun_fire ( I'm still working on getting the sync spot on my capture software sucks at getting me the exact frames I needed to get the cocking animation timing right ) There's some tweaks and additional pieces I want to do to practically each sound, but I just wanted to capture what I had for each so far.