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  1. boss

    Time for NEW beginnings

    ​yes, you are right excuse me
  2. boss

    Time for NEW beginnings

    ​i like him as he trolls the euro community destroy? since 1999 he holds quake tournaments, but you do not know this you are like a flock of fools, one said beeee - others repeated
  3. boss

    Time for NEW beginnings

    ​ ​your opinion is wrong, but i dont care zubich a good man he never cared about his status, just doing job and doing it well
  4. boss

    Time for NEW beginnings

    ​you're wrong - zubich was everywhere - the 1st and 2nd cup he was sitting in the shade, but all the important decisions he took zub you do not know - he did a lot of good for ru-quake-community, but russia is not europe, and even not ukraine)))
  5. boss

    Time for NEW beginnings

    ​yes this is it, the one who paid you 2nd place in the cpm masters