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    Why do you play Reflex?

    why so hostile i said im not good at all thats why the elo bummed me out i dont say i deserved this rank i didnt deserve it at all here you can check it btw http://www.quakelive.com/#!profile/statistics/Belly_Smalls mostly played ca and ffa if you would have read my post you would see i dont believe in it at all ps fite me
  2. MD

    Why do you play Reflex?

    wall of text inbound i knew about quake from my childhood and gigagames but i was never really into it and didnt knew about the movement 2011 i saw a defrag video called f33l which blew my mind into the orbit defrag is just sooooo trippy maayyne just a week later i found xonotic per accident and started to play it against bots the first server i joined was a cts (defraglike) server and i was hopeless then someone named mr green came on and asked if i even knew about strafejumping he explained me how to strafe jump for like an hour and went his way was hooked for 2-3 years cts exclusively after i spend some time strafing i saw someone posted: play more promode on some board and i thought why not? that was like maybe a year ago i got absolutly rekt in duel for 2 days till someone told me i can learn aiming well when i visit okidoki then i got rekt even more for 6 - 12 months (cant quite remember had some small pauses inbetween but never longer then 2 weeks) learned alot from the constant destruction i had to witness but after so much time i still got rekt then i tried ql where i was rank 3 after 20 hours (what a fucking joke the elosystem is trash) that bummed me out because im just an average player(or noob) and not a "veteran" after that i bought reflex and now im here just now ive got into the duel scene where i still get rekt (what a surprise haha) since i started with arena shooter i havent looked back so many great times so many names and its a shame i cant remember every single one of them but i really want to thank itsme for keeping the cts server working and everyone who still knows me from back then as zativa thanks to mysterious mister green who helped me learn strafejumping and whom ive never seen again after that and maybe someone from okidoki remembers me too and here too i found a lot of noice people every quake like shooter has an absolutely awesome community which destroys you on one side but rebuilds you and helps you get stronger so many times players took 2 hours of their time to explain me shit or i explained shit for 2 hours just because people want to help each other such a huge sense of community is something you dont find often in other games tl;dr movement insane shit fun (something alot of games dont seem to have anymore) and the community