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  1. Serious wtf, good job and you did it again .. OMG Paypal Link ?
  2. Tr1pwire


    Nice job on that hud. I feel like an competition is coming for custom huds.
  3. Tr1pwire

    prdm8 - Hieratic

    Your Name : promEUs Cause you make all nice maps and in my eyes you can name an map to your name. you earn it
  4. Tr1pwire

    Reflex 0.43.0 - No puns, I'm tired

    Great update, loving it so far. Keep up the good work
  5. Tr1pwire

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Looking forward to it, and you are doing an great job. Thumbs up !
  6. Tr1pwire

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    w00t, Looking sweet !!! Best Q4 maps monsoon, galang, placebo effect, when its coming ????? When when when when ???
  7. Tr1pwire

    0.41 Crash with DP2_HUD

    The crash is fixed an was in-planted in the new patch also. But those 2 files I posted were the fix before the patch. I am glad it works again for you. Cheers
  8. Tr1pwire

    0.41 Crash with DP2_HUD

    If anyone with DP2HUD is getting crashes please could you try both of these files (one at a time), REPLACING your current dp2hud.pak, and storing the pak file in base/internal/ui https://reflex.kiai.eu/dp2hud/dp2hud-v1.17-test1.zip - Disabled load-time path lookup https://reflex.kiai.eu/dp2hud/dp2hud-v1.17-test2.zip - Additionally disabled deferred load system Test 2 file worked for me, and was posted on discord by Qualx himself. Hope this will help you out.
  9. Tr1pwire

    [0.41.1] Game crash back to desktop

  10. Tr1pwire

    [0.41.1] Game crash back to desktop

    This is what I am using in the widget folder. I also am using the quakeworld / q3 soundmod, and an modified IC sound made by terifire. Thanx for the reply, looking forward to hear from you.
  11. Tr1pwire

    [0.41.1] Game crash back to desktop

    Update : By removing the latest dp2hud.pak file that is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\reflexfps\base\internal\ui folder seems to be the problem. When removing this file the game works again. So this is the weirdest question, why does it crash ? I never had problems with it and I always used the DP2 HUD. Qualx question Still looking for an answer cause I want to use the DP2 hud
  12. Tr1pwire

    [0.41.1] Game crash back to desktop

    Hello, Since an couple of days when starting the game it crashes back to my desktop. With the message 'Reflex has stopped working'. Normally I dont have any issues with starting the game. All what I can remember is that I have installed some new games and asked me to repair some C++ and some and some directX installs. However in the reflex install folder there are 2 maps that is needed probably for running the game, DirectX and vcredist 2013. By reinstalling these 2 files it still doesn't work and keeps crashing. Now when verifying the cache back to original state and removing the whole game and by reinstalling the game again still doesn't work. I made some post in discord #reflex / support but I am not always here to check it. That's why I am making an post here and see if there are some people who can help me out, or having some solutions. I also was told that Qualx had some issue with an missing file of directX that he find out. But I cant see to get to him since hes not always online. Hoping that he will read it. My specs : Case : CM Storm Stryker Black Case ( Side Window ) MOBO : Asrock Z77 Extreme4 CPU : i7 3770K @ 5Ghz (Custom Liquid Cooled) CPU Cooler : Custom Liquid cooled by Alphacool Ram : Corsair 16GB Dominator 1866Mhz + Cooled GPU : EVGA Gtx 770 SC / Acx 2GB @ 1250Mhz ( Custom Liquid Cooled ) SSD : Samsung Evo 840 Pro 250GB HDD : WD Black 4TB PSU : CoolerMaster VS Series V650S ( Gold Certified ) Headset : Steelseries H9 Fnatic Edition Sound Card : Xonar DG 5.1 Sound Card Keyboard : Logitech G110 Keyboard Mouse : Steelseries Sensei Mouse / Logitech G3 Monitor : Iiyama Pro Lite 27" G2773HS 120hz 1ms Clocking my CPU back to stock doesn't seem to work either, so overclocking settings aren't the problem If I need to post something just give me an call, and I will upload it, I don't know if this will be necessary. Thanx for reading and looking forward to hear from you. Regards, Tr1p
  13. Tr1pwire

    Quake 2 sound pack for Reflex

    Haha, havent seen this before, Nice job
  14. Tr1pwire

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Whats that ? Half Life 3 ?