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  1. GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Very impressive HUD, thanks for your hard work and keep on updating it!
  2. Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Congratulations for releasing the best arena FPS in years! Thank you so much for making this a reality. So much hard work, we owe you a lot you beautiful devs. And thank you Reflex Community for being great!
  3. amgt2 - 421

    Very cool map guys, great work! The screenshots look real nice too.
  4. Reflex 0.45.0

    Beautiful stuff, as always. Thank you dev team!
  5. I see only beauty in this Roadmap. Thank you devs!
  6. Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    Hooray for stats! Great update guys!
  7. Reflex 0.40 - Statistically insignificant

    Great update, thanks for the hard work!
  8. Dedicated Server Guide

    Custom map rotation is available and you can make it FFA only if you wish. However, you can always change the gamemode through the console with 'callvote mode'. I don't think you can lock the server to FFA only.
  9. CA_JPN

    Nice to see some bigger maps for team modes, and I like the theme! It's on my server: [EU] Robots & Social Club
  10. Dedicated Server Hosting

    Replays from my server located in France. Folder updated every 15mins. [EU] Robots Social Club:
  11. DoppelHud

    So do I! I'm actually using your circular health and armor at the moment Qualx. Cool design doppelganger, although i'm not sure I would personally place it in the middle of the screen. But I understand the reasons.
  12. Why do you play Reflex?

    ​Join your regional reflex discord server if you want to find tdmpickup. Here is the European one. I don't have the links for other regions.
  13. Dedicated Server Hosting

    Is the reflexfiles.com download script updated with the new folder structure on Swiftnode?
  14. Very cool project. I'll try to help in any way possible. Great effort!
  15. Reflex 0.38 - Gooey

    Congratulations on the update, the game feels smoother than ever, I absolutely love it! Great work!