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  1. dare

    Reflex League - Beta Season

    hey i want to record a replay for youtube but it says this is there a way to fix this?
  2. dare

    Dedicated Server Guide

    is ffa mode only and custom map rotation available?
  3. dare

    Post your chatbinds!

    is there a way to make a branch menu chat system or tie chat binds in with sounds hereis an example of it with a gui from other games i just think it'd be nice for ctf to have this option instead of single key binds which often are not as convenient as pressing v g h very quckily to say "hello" or vvf to say "get the enemy flag" here is a wiki page from a game i don't support that explains this a bit more. http://tribes.wikia.com/wiki/Voice_Game_System and here's pastebin of a script that does this in another game and also ties voices/soundpacks to them http://pastebin.com/qbKL8C3Z
  4. i won a cd key to give to friends from this tourney which i think is a great way to promote the game. there were some very cool matches to watch. ggs
  5. dare

    prdm1 - Ashur

    Gorgeous map. I love this aesthetic.
  6. dare

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Hey this is a fairly political opinion so if you're drama/offense averse or there are rules against this type of thing on this forum I'd ask the mods to censor this first instead of letting it kick in. Perhaps people won't care at all, this is just my opinion and I'm a no one. I'll support Reflex because it's an attempt to Standardize E-Sports gameplay, much like Quake Live did with Quake 3's gameplay when Quake 4 didn't take off (except it's even better because it's CPMA). I believe the standarization of E-Sports gameplay in games followed by E-Sports Fans is very important. This means right down to nuanced gameplay mechanics like circle jumping, strafe jumping, the map heights and shapes, and physics, the core components that make the game an E-Sport. I'm open to new changes and adaptations but I still think the most competitive style game should be the one copied. To me this opens up many possibilities like returning personalities in the E-Sport aside from just casters. Similar to Starcraft or Counter Strike's communities where the players themselves get fan bases and become heroes. Obviously Quake has seen this happen positively many times before with Rapha Fatal1ty Strenx and some of the posters here on this forum or reading this thread etc, but we must realize, there is a trend in big money games to dumb them down especially for the console generation in an attempt to make them more appealing to mass gamers. I personally don't know what the next Quake game will play like. I don't play Quake I'm not a Quake pro I'm just a spectator who watches the E-Sport. I am however probably flat out the best player in the major game franchise I come from and have been elite in it for a very very long time. I've seen what happens when new games come out and change the mechanics. I've seen the failure that results from that. People grow up and move on. Others want to play games at a PRO level well into their 30s (possibly longer who knows, we're the first generation to do this). I'm probably one of those people or if not, at the very least I want to spectate a good game that interests me competitively and mechanically that I can play casually like this one where there a personalities and people to follow. I think heroes are important in sports. Changing the gameplay every new game and bringing in a new crop of elite players while the old community's elites don't participate because the game has changed drastically or is dumbed down and boring kills franchises and all the long term profit from having those same recurring spots heroes and associated fans interacting with the series. What incentive as a fan do I have to pay attention to some game that's only played by a fresh crop of 16 year old shit talking kids like COD? These E-Sports got popular for a reason and evolved with it. Sometimes they don't need to be changed sometimes little tweeks are okay imo. It's time we start treating E-Sports like real sports with longevity and real heroes. This is why I love Reflex FPS and what it's trying to do and support it fully and 100% and have bought it for my friends. I would give this game away if I could it is that good. IF this games succeeds phenomenally I hope it creates a trend in gaming and ripples out. And I hope we all help it succeed because it is perfect imo. g0d bl3ss ~ nameste ~mother fuckers
  7. dare

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    ‚Äč i agree the toughness factor adds to the depth and precision of the game immensely and is why i think standardizing the type of physics/movement maps etc as an esport is important
  8. dare

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    i like the robot portal type aesthetic way more than more quake/medieval new aesthetic i just wish the game had a bit more lenience in jump time than 400ms or watever because i find this type of precision movement very difficult but i love team death match and duel and wish to move like that too without spending forever to learn it so precisely this game is very very deep tho which is nice and probably shouldnt ever be made easier maybe i will just suck 4ever idk i own a gun tho
  9. it never enables in game if i put it in game.cfg im gonna try again tho maybe i was naming mouse button 2 instead of game mouse 2 or something
  10. thanks so i cant save this to autoexec when i start the game and always have to retype?
  11. hey i do this in many other games id like jump to be right click as well as space bar seperately or also having more than one previous and reverse weapon keys (q,r and mouse wheel up/down) how do i do this in my config? ive tried binding two commands separately but it doesnt work