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  1. I like your series, it already helped me a lot! Is there any chance you might find the time / motivation to maybe do a tutorial video for ReflexJump or some of the b0_reflex rooms?
  2. MiiSCH


    [/ironie] Maybe add some nasty killstreaks like dogs or helicopters, too. [/ironie off] I don't think that CTF is the only team mode worth watching or playing. There's a lot of coordination in TDM or aTDM as well. Personally I like that this game is pure oldschool and I'd love it to stay that way Reflex isn't easy to find unless it's on sale though. When I was fed up with all those newschool toyshooters (Counter-Callof-Battlefield 1350) I acutally googled FPS games and stumbled upon it in some gaming site's top 10 new shooters. I'm not sure how to reach new players. As people before already mentioned correctly, F2P is major thing for people, as are tradable collectibles or a shitload of prestige ranks and super colorful playercards. Who is the main targeted group for this game anyways? Would you actually like 12 yo CoD rage-kiddies in Reflex that quit out on duels, flame you until you're fed up, report you for hacking on Steam? -> Might sound like a rant but seriously isn't intended to be one
  3. OMG that HUD - many sexy, much thanks
  4. MiiSCH

    [dp8] - unforgiving

    Already seen it in your livestream. It looks great and fun to play
  5. MiiSCH

    Force team colors

    I for myself don't have a problem with that anymore. I just had to find the outline color that catches my eye the most. First I went with red outlines for the enemies which I didn't notice fast enough when rushing by. Since then I turned the enemy outlines to gold / yellow and I don't have that problem anymore. As for teamoutline.. I don't need that. Friendly is everyone not having the yellow outlines Just fiddle around with the outline colors some and you'll most likely get used to it soon enough.
  6. MiiSCH

    Playernumbers / Servers

    Damn guys! This game is so friggin awesome! It's more Quake than Quake Live
  7. MiiSCH

    Playernumbers / Servers

    Hi! I'm thinking about getting REFLEX for a while now but apparently I can't find anything on current playernumbers. Is there a rather constant playerbase and servers in Europe that are worth playing on? I don't mind getting rekt by better players and invest some serious time to learn the game Thanks in advance for any reply, - MiiSCH