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  1. How do you ramp? ;_;

    1. Smilecythe


      Ramp jumping not possibru with the physics currently. You always have to do them in association with double jumps or else they act like flat floors.

  2. mew

    Sensitivities and Play-Style

    Ninox Aurora @ 1000hz / 800DPI. Currently 60cm/360°, sometimes go to 40cm/360° for easier movements, but I'm quite comfortable with 60cm. My playstyle is about using my trickjumping skills to try and catch items or surprise the opponent and sometimes being sneaky and trying to use the accuracy that comes with the low sensitivity. Tons of practice with rockets over the years (clan arena and amphi) seems to be a benefit against most opponents, but some good dodgers are still too elusive for me.
  3. mew

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Link has "mew" in it, this is a sign. Downloading.
  4. mew

    Mouse sensitivity

    Well you only have to drag the mouse 30cm at a time, because why would you have to turn more than 180 degrees at a time? Also, are you sure your table is less than 60cm wide? That can barely fit a keyboard on it. Here's me playing at 53cm:
  5. mew

    Mouse sensitivity

    I've been a low sensitivity player since around 2003, and the way I've always looked at it is that you should have a sensitivity related to your mousepad. If you want to have a useful sensitivity while having it as low as you can to maximize your consistency you should be able to turn 180° in both directions from the middle of your mousepad, and maybe also still having a little bit of space to aim around without having to replace your mouse back to the center of the pad. So your sensitivity should be a bit more than 360° on your mousepad, something like 450° should be fine. Obviously the mousing style between a 20cm/360° vs 60cm/360° is completely different, so you just have to find the style that works for you.
  6. mew

    MOVE.map by CheZDa and mew

    Yes I did. Made a bunch of videos as well. Tricking, fragging and one "machinima" or whatever, called "Day in the life of John Chaveire".
  7. http://pastebin.com/m2pAyQJg pastebin version cos I can't upload here? It's a really rough version done by me and Chez in a couple of evenings while we learned how to map. Feel free to iterate on it, build rooms for the runs and stuff. Please post iterations here so people can try them out. I can record demos at some point on how to do the runs if people don't grasp it yet. And at some point I might go back and build more stuff, but really busy with uni at the moment.