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  1. We don't need that many competitive modes. Only those modes that playerbase could keep active should be kept. There is absolutely no point to delude new players that they can find 4v4 competitive games at any time. Further more, those options existence hurt playerbase suitable gamemodes. Code base is already there for those modes, if Reflex will keep growing, there shouldn't be too much work to bring them back when playerbase is big enough to support them. Removing public custom games is bad idea and at least should be followed with more detailed solution. Match making neglects mutators - casual players most loved thing. It also remove sense of in-game community, Article that hits soft spot for me. Further more, CA players most liked maps are not in map pool. I also wonder how race without public servers would work, since map changes are more like when people feel done, not when timer runs out. Other than that look good
  2. Grybzt

    Strafe Theory

    Just in case, personal blogs rarely live for long. https://web.archive.org/web/20171019182048/http://dimit.me/blog/2017/08/08/defrag-strafe-theory/
  3. Or better make this information more public. I never thought this was available and I'm sure others too.
  4. Grybzt

    What do you want for race mode?

    I really hope to see some love or Race in 1.2. Race community is still very active but race mode was always abandoned. Most of above ideas are very cool, but I think these are essential and desperately needed: Other players visibility on/off (climb maps are insane to play when other people are in same server) Leaderboard's implementation (brandon did amazing, but official is what we need (also whole system spine seems like done)) Triggers and movers (We have targets in training, maybe just enable them in race) I've made google form poll for most important features to be added in nearest update: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe7bd239T6pBxe-dFuzdtsduos2VpDhPLVmv9K76iQkIBM7Ag/viewform?usp=sf_link Still <3 devs
  5. Grybzt

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    F2P nowadays doesn't mean it will make miracles. Amount of F2P games is staggering so you won't blow anyone's face with that. Also take in mind what kind of audience and issues F2P would bring, it might not be pretty.
  6. Grybzt

    List of useful links

    Added: Separate category for movement Mouse sensitivity converter
  7. Discord inside Reflex probably would be best option. Discord is currently developing API, that could be integrated inside game: https://discordapp.com/gamebridge. AFAIk it also may allow VOIP.
  8. Grybzt

    List of useful links

    Hi, I've been missing for a clean list for common links that new players might need, but couldn't find one. So I've made little page, where I've put in my mind important and useful links. Link: https://reflexlinks.github.io/ If you have suggestions what to add or remove, please write those here or ping me on discord Empyrean#4078 <3
  9. Grybzt

    Ingame suggestion - VOIP

    I don't actually see people using VOIP that much. Yeah, for CTF and TDM it's useful, but nobody plays them and I really doubt VOIP will change that.
  10. Hi, We all love team modes (TDM and CTF) but they never took gravity in reflex. I just want to share my 2 scents why I think Reflex is not ready for team modes boom. And also invoke more discussions and possible solutions. There has been a lot of discussions and a lot of suggestion for features and etc. But I think issues start to pop up at the base level. Issues: Servers can't handle larger amount of players. Currently servers are struggling and crashing when there are more than 10 people in the server and this is really bummer for team modes. And here is why we need more than 10 playable slots: For competitive play to exist, you need casual player base to back it up. 4v4 is good for competitive play, but for casual or public play teams have to larger. Because in public play, people are jumping in and leaving constantly. And when 1 person leaves in 4v4, teams balance is completely ruined and there is no break or wait for other people to hop in. But in case of 7v8 it's not that terrible, it's still remains playable and enjoyable. This issue is also is very hard fix because networking bugs are incredibly tricky to diagnose and fix. Reflex can't handle large maps. for 8v8 to be fun, it needs big maps, but sadly currently engine can't really deliver that. Even smaller "big" maps like Monolith are performing poorly. Counter argument might be "Have better PCs", while it's legit, but maps performance should be consistent. And fixing this is incredibly hard. Engine is already settled in, not only it's hard to improve performance, engine updates will possible create new issues. Also low player base, I don't really want to dive into this much, since it's discussed enough. So in the end, I don't think Reflex is ready for classical CTF that we're used to. Maybe Reflex should adopt some kind of hybrid to allow casual play with lower players count and smaller maps. Because these mentioned issues are tricky to fix and won't even guarantee that CTF will all of the sudden take speed. What's your thoughts? <3
  11. I think all main components in game is here already. Now these great tools need to make most of current situation. I know portion will disagree. But Bots could be more implemented in online play. I think some kind of server side Bots management system that would manage Bots count in remote servers. Let me elaborate: Bots would only join when 1 person joins, so there wouldn't be only bots servers. Joining players would replace bots 1 by 1. After the threshold (max bots count), leaving players would be again replaced by bots. Simplify casual matchmaking, to make easier to get into matches. It seems that having tons of options is not the best solution when player base can't support it. One possible solution so strip down casual MM into: FFA Any of team mode Weekly or bi-weekly rotating fun modes (Arena duel, instagib, melee only, etc..) Of course game situation is not ideal, but I think it's nowhere near "end of no return" state. All main features are here just need to fiddle more and refine them to help player base grow. We all know most definitely that it can !
  12. Grybzt

    Pocket Infinity replaced by "empty" in competative

    This might be because of steam workshop being down that moment. Best solution would be that official servers would have all map pool maps locally.
  13. Sweaty palms and sore thumb
  14. I think playerbase should be focused more in fewer game modes. Currently there is way to many options in MM while viable is only duel and maybe FFA. I think best solution would be to give 3 options for players in MM: Duel Some kind of team mode Weekly rotating "fun" game mode, like 1 week - instagib, 2 week - ffa, 3 week - vampiric ffa and etc. Current playerbase can't populate all available gamemode and in the end no gamemode is populated except duel. Game needs to give less options in MM, so atleast those could be viable.
  15. In my first 20 hours experience of Rocket League I never seen anyone hitting ball mid air. I learnt about whole flying stuff later on and by watching streams. When RL launched, nobody knew how to push it to the limits. When Reflex was in early development it was already figured out to the maximum. AFPS is too established, every "true AFPS" is doomed to face low new players count because almost all of them are too similar to older games. Old players learn game too fast and for new players it takes too long to catch up. But if you slightly change game, then people instantly cry how it's too casual and not "real AFPS" anymore. So in that regard Quake Champions hopefully will do great.