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  1. rpR

    Post your Battlestation!

    Motherboard: ASROCK z77 extreme4 Processor: Intel Core i7 2700k (4Ghz) Memory: G-Skill Ares 16 GB GFX Card: XFX R9 280X SSD: Samsung 840 500GB HDD: Western Digital 1TB Black Power: Corsair AX760i Monitors: 2x Acer G276HLA Keyboard: Corsair K70 Mechanical Mouse: Razer Deathadder Chroma Mousepad: Steelseries QcK Heavy Headset: Steelseries FLUX In-Ear Pro Headset: Plantronics GameCom 788 Current: http://imgur.com/LRReTae Album: http://imgur.com/a/TVLzV#0
  2. rpR

    Force team colors

    ​If forcing colors won't become reality, I'd like this as well. It's just too confusing sometimes.
  3. rpR

    Streaming on Twitch

    ​Problem is that I have a very good DL speed, but a slow UP speed. (about 1.4MB/sec -_-) But I do indeed downscale to 720p but on 30fps and using 1400 bitrate. Opened my stream on my laptop to see how it would look and it was surprisingly smooth.
  4. rpR

    Streaming on Twitch

    ​This fixed it, thanks!
  5. rpR

    Streaming on Twitch

    ​Edited my main post with hardware, forgot to put that part in Thanks for any feedback.
  6. rpR

    Streaming on Twitch

    I use OBS as streaming software. I stream CS:GO, which is afaik a more hardware intensive game than Reflex and I am able to stream CS:GO with a minimum of 150 fps, but hit 200 most of the time. When I tried to stream some Reflex, I had all my settings ingame on Low, even switched to a lower res but the game felt rly laggy and it wasn't the server. Turned the stream off and worked like a charm. The weird thing is, Reflex ingame FPS counter says 150+ but it feels like 40ish, like there is input lag.. On the stream it looks even more laggy than it feels. Anyone have an idea? edit: Hardware: ASROCK z77 extreme4 Intel Core i7 2700k G-Skill Ares 16 GB XFX R9 280X Samsung 840 500GB for OS and some programs Western Digital 1TB Black for most programs and games
  7. rpR

    #dp_three [EU] - 29th August, 2015

    Was waiting for number three, was too late for the second one, now it's invite only, RIP me
  8. rpR

    Force team colors

    ​You can't customize your model in CSGO, only weapon skins. (and hats in TF2) I know you can set/change the outline color, still it confuses me real hard when I'm in the blue team and my enemy has a blue model with red outlining and my teammade has a red model with blue outlining, changing the colors of the outline does'nt do much (for me) since the first thing you notice is the models color.
  9. rpR

    Force team colors

    It's probably just me but I sometimes have trouble knowing who is a teammate and who is the enemy. Some people play with a full blue model, but will have a red outlining because they are the enemy. We need to watch out/look for the outlining on players to know if they are friendly or not. Since we can't even see our OWN model, wouldn't it be better to just force blue color for team A and red for team Z ? It's easy to implement this into the game and I don't think it takes anything away, since like I said, we can't see our own model, so it's not like ''omg my pink/yellow suit is gone QQ'' It doesn't matter in 1v1 since you only have 1 other player in the server.
  10. rpR

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    ​Lmao what? XD
  11. rpR

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

  12. rpR

    instaGib & iCTF

    ​iCTF was the shit on Clanbase back in the day
  13. rpR

    instaGib & iCTF

    ​To be honest, in terms of CTF, -IMO- instagib is THE way to play it. CTF with all weapons and armors just does not make sense to me. I played a shitton of competitive iCTF in unreal tournament 2004 so like I said, it's only my opinion though.
  14. rpR

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/rprgod/ EU (speaking fluent English and Dutch) A lot of experience in Instagib and iCTF in Unreal Tournament 2004. Not that fantastic in dueling but I'd like to find a newcomer to dueling so we can practice a bit
  15. rpR

    instaGib & iCTF

    There are a couple of other topics about this but a bit outdated. Any news/info on when we can expect the instaGib mode/mutator? Since the editor has been updated (afaik?), any ETA on CTF maps? I know instagib is either loved or hated in the aFPS community ("omg it killed warsaw", but did it kill quake? No. Did it kill UT? No.)