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  1. rednose.

    Server Motd

    It is true about rules too, i had rules showing in some of my old servers years ago, for other q3 based games. The ability to add an motd is usefull for every one and every game mode =o
  2. rednose.

    Server Motd

    Im curious if reflex supports a Message of the Day (Motd), So when you join a server a Message pops up on the middle of your screen and in the console with a custom message when you join the server. If not any chance of it happening in the future?. Also on a side note, I would like to be able to change or infact disable the warm up timer, its very annoying on a race server, all in all more server configeration options would be great ^^ but yea no motd?
  3. rednose.

    OverBounce Question

    thanks for all the responces, I think thats just about cleared that up for me ^^
  4. rednose.

    OverBounce Question

    hmm, sometimes I get what appears to be a tiny height advantage during some of my double jumps I was just curious as to what was causing this. Im sure other players have experienced it =o ?, unless im just hitting the max strafe say 1 out of 50. Well it feels very much like an anomaly, thought I would enquire further =o. The section about sticky over bounce does mention the bug that can cause a higher over bounce, but I was actually more interested to know about player off set positions from the ground. Ive quoted bellow, im a bit confused is this also a bug or not intented ? "the gamephysics allows the players to have tiny offsets from the ground" .
  5. rednose.

    OverBounce Question

    Question to devs or any one in the know. Im just curious if reflex shares or will share the same type of physics that allows players to have small offsets from the ground. To produce random overbounce jumps. I read this was a part of the quake engine and I am really just curious to find out if reflex shares the same properties ? Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeFRaG Section>Notes: Explained in Sticky Overbounce.
  6. rednose.

    Water Technique

    omg......wow thanks for posting this. Ive been making a race map using water and trying to avoid those horrible lines the whole time was driving me mad. Thanks for posting !! LEGEND =D
  7. rednose.

    wh1te-egypt | The Forsaken Temple

    ‚Äč yea I kinda new the ramps will be fixed soon i did actually tell some people that at the time but was not so sure if its fixed in the next patch, they did make some funnys about the deployment time but I tried to shrug it off >_> cheers.
  8. rednose.

    wh1te-egypt | The Forsaken Temple

    I played on this map for a while, I didnt have any problem with it myself but I seem to find a lot of people on Reflex hate having there speed/flow taken away from them. I had a lot of people dc on the server while the map was on due to the stairs saying map killer (the stairs before the portal to rl) :> non the less its still a good map. I think a lot of people in race mode just expect to always have consistent speed with no need to slow down or it irritates them. The ramps on this game are a little borked aswell not many seem to like that either, the ramp before the pads. Again I had no issue to much with it knowing that ramps dont exactly work on this game yet ? The finish line is clashing with other wall textures too ^^
  9. rednose.

    wh1te-egypt | The Forsaken Temple

    wh1te i love your maps keep up the good work ^^, race on.
  10. lol very nice, i want to play some ictf on reflex =o
  11. rednose.

    server settings

    EDIT: have fixed the issue. Renting a server from a games server service and im using the FTP to access the cfg files and change some server settings but I keep running into some problems wondering if they can be cleared up. When I 1st set up the server on there website options there was no option to choose race so i chose FFA, the server seems to always go back to ffa on server restart. I assumed the 1st time set up is the problem there as it seems to be linked and I can change that in there website options at any time. I want to bypass there option and choose race mode in a config is that possible or do I need to ask them to add a race selection ? I assumed it was just a gamemode number in the cfg .. I also cant change the timer on the server its stuck on 10 minutes, I would like to increase it, im trying to change it in the FTP with sv_timelimit. Doesnt seem to do anything. Also curious about the warmup timer, any way to remove that aswell ? If i had rcon access things might be a lot easyer =s, read up on that tho. I am editing the dedicated server default.cfg, what am i doing wrong =S ?
  12. rednose.

    Tutorial Map

    http://reflexfiles.com/file/149 Best way to learn is just go online, on this map and ask people for advice if your stuck, also turn on the widget to show player movement in the options and you can also see what buttons people push in spectator mode with this widget turned on.
  13. rednose.

    Map Release - Not Perfect - Updated

    Ive updated this map with better looking textures, added in some neon and tweaked the first bounce pad, I tried not to get to carried away with the neons as they look awful at a distance. I have hosted a race server and uploaded all the move/race maps, PingPerfect UK race is the server name. expect to see more of my crappy race maps soon ^^ edit: updated post, to more relevant information.
  14. Hi guys, First off Thanks to reflex devs for allowing me to finally make a map without having to go through a process of learning another set of 3rd party tools. I did try GTKradiant years ago but never got very far and stuck to making character models instead ^^ This map was made over a day or two, not too much time was put into it, as it is the First map I have ever created. It was really more about me experimenting with things and coming up with something that might pass as a race map. I tested all jump pads over and over and over....all jumps are possible, one is very difficult and a bit RNG due to how the ramps are working atm. If you think anything could be imrpoved let me know please ^^. I was not trying to make every jump perfect for a reason, I find that perfect jumps are boring with very little room to be creative so I hope you dont find the spacing between to annoying. Enjoy :> I hope... File can be found on the reflex files website. http://reflexfiles.com/file/351
  15. Nice post OP, and very much appreciate all those answers its made me feel a little bit better about the game to come. How ever it does leave me feeling slightly disconcerting as I am the sort of player who hangs about in the so called niche communitys be it ictf or race. Its a shame there is not really a focus on implementing better mechanics for such game modes. There is whole communitys to be grasped at here and its sad when I read on the reflex forums that there is not much love for us. I just dont understand the logic, no time =/ ? I guess it will be down to the mods that fix race or instagib, again >_>