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  1. I went back in to practice on the Reflex Movement Preview video map, and now it's gone. Did the last patch remove a lot of the dev maps? I was really enjoying practicing on it.
  2. This is my second take recording so I kind of had the tricks figured out at this point. I have a pretty basic understanding of air control, double jumping, and strafe jumping.
  3. Snows

    Build #26 - Minor fixes.

    Glad you fixed the invisible junk on xfdm2. I'll delete those incriminating screenshots from the steam community.
  4. Snows

    Visual Artifacts

    It's an R290x. Just built this tower last month, seemed like the best bang/buck. I was using nvidia before but I wanted to try the other.
  5. Snows

    Visual Artifacts

    I couldn't upload all of them, but I took many screenshots. Included my dxdiag.txt http://steamcommunity.com/id/snowstreams/screenshots/?appid=328070&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=grid Some strange artifacts would flicker into view at certain spots on the map and only at specific (but broad) viewing angles. They look like some kind of oil, I dunno DxDiag.txt