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  1. m0sley

    Scripting quickstart guide

    Thanks for the reply. Funnily enough I'm a few months into a hyper-intensive programming course, graduate and will be looking for work as a junior developer this summer. I'm pretty comfortable with JS and Ruby and Lua seems work similarly to JS, with syntax similar to Ruby, so I'll take another look at making Reflex HUDs when I have more free time. Thanks to the Turbo Pixel guys for inspiring a career change, I guess, lol.
  2. m0sley

    Autohop idea

    Not sure how things are in Russia, but in the UK 95%+ drive manual transmission...
  3. m0sley

    Changing pickup spawn-times and ammo.

    I think the devs are going for a "unified experience", meaning that everyone is playing the same version of the game. I don't really see a problem with your 3rd point though, if for example someone wanted to run a CA server with no rail/bolt.
  4. Shootmania actually did pretty well, it just didn't have the solid core gameplay needed to retain the players after they bought the game.
  5. m0sley

    Autohop idea

    If you don't want to learn the game then you deserve to stay bad at it, really... I really don't see how the ability to hold the space bar instead of pressing it each time that you want to jump can possibly affect someone's ability to have fun. Maybe we should just go whole hog and add aim assist too though, right? New players probably don't want to spend time improving their aim.
  6. m0sley

    Reflex 0.38 - Gooey

    ​I wouldn't say it's a particularly bad decision but yeah, I did find that to be strange... "Press any key" or "Press enter" would make a lot more sense.
  7. m0sley

    Reflex 0.38 - Gooey

    The menu looks so slick. Much more polished.
  8. I don't think simple items are super important because the current pickups are transparent and not obtrusive like the Quake ones were. I don't see any reason not to include simple items if there are people that would prefer to use them either though.
  9. m0sley

    Best Mouse for Reflex

    ​The best part is it costs more than an FK1. xD
  10. m0sley

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Are there plans to allow curves somehow later in development?
  11. m0sley

    Best Mouse for Reflex

    ​Google will tell you in far more depth than I'm able to why Zowie mice are so good. The 3310 is one of the best sensors on the market and operates at multiple native settings, so you aren't tied to one CPI setting if you want to get the best performance out of the mouse. I've used an absolute shit-tonne of mice over the years and the FK1 is by far my favourite. The only negative thing that I could say about it is that the feet wear down relatively quickly compared to other mice, but it comes with a spare set and you can pick more up online for next to nothing...
  12. m0sley

    Best Mouse for Reflex

    Zowie FK1
  13. m0sley

    Social features, your opinions

    Without a big player base there isn't much you can do to implement "good matchmaking". The options are basically find the closest possible skill match at any given time (fast) or do not match players over x skill disparity (slow). If the only players in Europe searching for a duel are 1200 and 2000 Elo then we can either match them, because they are the closest possible match at that time, or force them both to sit and wait for someone closer to their own skill level to appear before they can play the game. A forfeit button should all that's really needed to opt out of a game that a player has decided is "unwinnable" IMO. The constant stopping and starting of hooneymode reminds me of American football. *yawn*
  14. m0sley

    Will there be skin drops?

    Are we really doing this right after the Killing Floor 2 "finish your game before monetising it" shitstorm?
  15. m0sley

    Social features, your opinions

    I fail to see what difference the game running in this situation makes. Can you not just press alt + tab like a normal person?