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  1. Blindlight

    Multiple Start/Finish Zones?

    Hey so I was thinking while working on a map: what if the start and finish zones could reference eachother like teleporters/pads, so you could build multiple lines in a map. For instance startzone A -> finishzone A, startzone B -> finishzone B this would allow for maps like parkourstation to actually work in race. the only difference would be that times would be recorded by "line" instead of by "map", and it would be more like rock climbing in that sense. This could make it a lot more fun for people playing on a server where some people want to practice a line for hours while others want to mix it up. It would also make it easier to design maps with easy/medium/hard routes since you could separate the routes, mark significant routes on CTF maps, and overall have more organic, open, and nonlinear designs.
  2. Blindlight

    Blind's Movement Maps (with videos and tips)

    re-upped Parkourhaus and added start/end goal for the heck of it (now you can try to climb to the top without weaps as going thru the start line restricts them) http://reflexfiles.com/file/517
  3. Blindlight

    Blind's Movement Maps (with videos and tips)

    Added map #4 (tower map), #1 was lost but I can easily rebuild it. #2 is still missing a weapon restrictor, will update that soon http://reflexfiles.com/file/516
  4. Blindlight

    Blind's Movement Maps (with videos and tips)

    hey, I started to update some of my movement maps for race, and re-upload them to reflexfiles, might play around with them if I have more time: bldf2 http://reflexfiles.com/file/513 bldf3 http://reflexfiles.com/file/512 bldf4 http://reflexfiles.com/file/516 parkourhaus http://reflexfiles.com/file/517
  5. Blindlight

    Redesign proposal of burst gun

    I dont really care if it's weak, but I'd like to see maybe a different type of spread or projectile, I dont really enjoy the triangle spray as much as maybe some other design
  6. I was thinking about ways of making this game more accesible, which turbopixel has already decided to take the approach of improving teaching rather than watering down the game. how can we innovate tutorials, and training, learning? I think making it social is a start, interactive, with lots of feedback. we saw this in devil's map where we had some 'training' seshs in almost like a shooting range of strafe pads-- it was fun because you didnt feel alone-- but maybe there is also a way of *storytelling* that makes the learning curve more FUN I always think about zen or martial arts dojos and how everyone wants to have that 'beginners mind' in a lot of difficult games like descent for example, you can find articles touching on eastern philosophy ("the tao of descent") as a way of turning the learning curve into a kind of quest for wisdom. you can see this in like hiphop too where theres a sort of mysticism of the craft and how to become a legend, demigod. looking at skateboarding culture is another place to get some wisdom i bet. skateboarding has a huge learning curve but many passionate beginners. theres also some other tropes that might be really engaging for training, like thinking about animals, hunters and prey.. check out this vid from NYT of a hawk with a FPS cam strapped to its head. they talk about the "straight chase" vs "playing the angle" and it could be straight from quake this strategy. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/02/science/natures-fighter-jets-with-flapping-wings.html anyone following me here? can you think of some interesting ways, tropes to turn the steep learning curve into an adventure? I think Entik has done a really good job in his vids so far, making them stylish, making you WANT to learn. X.x
  7. Blindlight

    Arena Map - Octagon

    cool thanks for updating it as I've been so busy with real life! I'll give it a try sometime too-- and if anyone else wants to fork it or experiment with other remixes feel free! remember to give a shoutout to disco dodgeball as the map came from there originally and it's an awesome game! http://www.82apps.com/DiscoDodgeball/
  8. Blindlight

    0.30.x - New! Improved! Netcode!

    definitely a lot less FPS for me on this build but I can feel the netcode and it's such a tease because my perfomance took a dive
  9. Blindlight

    Christmas Tree Group Building

    this event was so fun and felt like we were doing something historic and mad props to devil for recording the history of it in such detail. next up is, errr.... valentines day? hahaha
  10. Blindlight

    Arena Map - Octagon

    hey I havent forgotten I promise! I am super super busy in real life right now so have been unable to work on it but I will get to the next version soon. In the mean time please feel free if you want to edit it and make a "fork" and try to find a design that is more fun to play! if you come up with any remix versions post in the same thread. when I get back home (travelling) I will work again on the official version.
  11. Hey, I wanted to check and see what the status of the noob-supportive scene is like right now. Zita & Gangland and others, has there been any progress yet setting up training sessions or building community at all? If the next update of netcode is coming soon seems like it's a good time to get the ball rolling on it. It was quite fun that time we had 8 people on devil's map doing pads and stuff. Noob Mind, Beginner's Mind
  12. Blindlight

    Arena Map - Octagon

    One more question, do you think the last 4 spawnpoints should go on the top sides where I have LGs now? or down on the floor? also if you want to see the original map for ideas, watch from 12:00 http://www.twitch.tv/brianreddus/c/5814838
  13. Blindlight

    Arena Map - Octagon

    OK I'll take notes for the next update: - will add 2-4 more spawns - ramps in the middle-top are as is from RRDD version, would a flat lip / steeper angle make them more fun? - items: if you do try in TDM or FFA let me know how they work or if you find a better arrangement - Colors: how is visibility, is the skybox too blue/cold? want some extra lights anywhere? - roof or keep open? - more fine decorations/trim or keep plain & small filesize?
  14. Blindlight

    Arena Map - Octagon

    Here is a new a arena map I adapted from another great indie fps on Steam called Robot Rollerderby Disco Dodgeball. You should really try it it's a physics based instagib game with dodgeballs so no hitscan and ballistic projectile charge-shot mechanics. http://www.82apps.com/DiscoDodgeball/ Erik Asmussen the dev was kind enough to give me permission to port one of the best maps from his crazy dodgeball FPS. When I saw the map I knew it had this RA3 feel that would go great in Reflex. I made a few alterations to make some extra routes possible and adjusted the scale as best I could. Items were placed hastily, the map is really meant for arena mode. http://reflexfiles.com/file/98