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  1. Strongly object to removing server browser, especially as a race player. Dank disciples of defrag has a pretty big collection of maps that never made it to steam workshop for one reason or another. And matchmaking only is a pretty dangerous proposition for a game with such a small community, especially for non-EU regions. Thanks to the server browser, NA at least manages to get some FFA/ATDM activity now and then. The restrictions of matchmaking in terms of map selection, team balance and such for these modes would definitely be an obstacle for those.
  2. doombro

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Region : NA Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Gold Have you played games on the custom ruleset : No Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : No Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Yes Why ? I'm a fan of stronger weapons and more restrictive ammo systems. Shooting wet noodles at a 100/150+ player is not fun. and bigger and better rockets = good for race, the one true mode
  3. doombro

    Reflex 1.0.4 -- All the hot fixes

    General improvements: Removed load tip: "Your friends should buy Reflex" but that was the best one!
  4. doombro

    [49.2] Weapon viewmodel stuck in center

    check your railgun bind in the console. if the script is still in there, it's still going to do that. A detour solution would be to make such scripts for all of your weapon binds
  5. doombro

    Reflex - 0.49.2

  6. doombro

    Mouse input and projectiles feels bad

    1. doesn't seem to make a difference for me though.
  7. doombro

    Mouse input and projectiles feels bad

    something that helps a lot with input in my experience is taking measures to reduce the variance of framerate. in other words you dont want to be playing at 250 maxfps while it's shooting down to 150 and up to 280 regularly. my frames usually sit in the lower 200s in play so I set my cap to 240 and if its a more demanding map performance-wise, I'll lower the cap as needed to keep the framerate from jumping around too much.
  8. doombro

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    i would describe rockets as fickle. they're strong when they work, they're weak when they don't, and those circumstances aren't always clear. knockback and splash are especially strange. I can never tell if I'm going to do 16, 45, or 83 damage, and when i get a direct i never know if the target is going to levitate in place for a second, shoot straight to the ceiling, or do nothing at all. the movement is especially strange. past a mild amount of speed i have to lead rocket jumps, and past a few thousand UPS, it doesn't seem to work at all. I'd care about balance more if they actually made sense to begin with
  9. doombro

    Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    i feel obliged to shill for xy2 and thct1. they're fun.
  10. doombro

    Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    having an actual 2v2 mode is Y U G E. gud shit ?
  11. doombro

    Game Mode Problems

    Arena has problems as well. last i checked, Arena CTF removes flags, and Arena FFA is still a hide and seek simulator. Would much prefer if it used a damage system like ATDM rather than last man standing
  12. there already seems to be an unwritten consensus in the race community that the weapon movement sucks, therefore no weapon maps, so having the whole resource factor missing doesn't bug me too much. that being said, there's potential in the features that dropped with training. the whole objective system was really cool, though i felt the targets and turrets weren't nearly modular enough. being limited to flat circular targets and stationary, 300HP zombie-turrets with fixed firing mechanics and fixed damage output limits the ways they can be implemented quite a bit. i definitely feel like both modes stand to benefit from existing functions. the whole start-finish system in Training feels pretty inefficient right now while race has most of that covered, race would be dope as hell with leaderboards and checkpoints too. even better if those checkpoints had timestamps.
  13. doombro

    Reflex 0.46.4

    i dont think this change really hurts its power too much. realistically you're never going to burn through all of that 200 plasma ammo you get. Lower ammo levels is good IMO