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  1. Hey all, I played Weapons Factory Arena for Quake 3, Team Fortress for Quake World, TFC, and TF2. This is a phenomenal platform and I think a Team Fortress style game-type is worth looking into. Seeing as TF2 is slow, boring, and repetitive, a fast-paced version on a $10 package like Reflex could be pretty sick. Look up Weapons Factory Arena on Youtube and see what you think. It may add some value to this game with a mode that has somewhat been streamlined by TF2, Battlefield, all the other class based games, but has MAJOR room for improvement. Weapons Factory had all of the same classes as Team Fortress Classic + Grappling hooks and many more gadgets. I am not dissing the old school deathmatch game types (1v1, CTF, TDM, FFA, Etc.), I have a dueling background myself. I am simply stating that combining classic arena game play with the popularity of TF2 could be pretty awesome.