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  1. Nitsuj

    Mid week pep post

    Reflex is the only way. The best game in years and years to come. Thank you to the developers for giving all of us who where blind the chance to see what a real game is a should be.
  2. Nitsuj

    Help: Removing damage indication numbers

    Thank you NeuerGolf.
  3. Hello potential helper I play on a low resolution so when using IC the damage indication numbers cover the entire enemy model. Any help in removing these would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. -Justin
  4. Nitsuj

    Ion cannon core effect

    This release is something I did without you mike. the same day I asked for assistance I made this and then you got back to me.
  5. Nitsuj

    Ion cannon core effect

    You can manually make the directory. just make a new folder in internal called weapons then in that make another folder ioncannon just put files in there.
  6. Nitsuj

    Ion cannon core effect

    We dont all like the same thing other wise we'd play one map Just options.
  7. Nitsuj

    Ion cannon core effect

    ic_beam_core_c.dds Put both files in internal/weapons/ioncannon I took Qualx Quake sound for the ion cannon and turned the volume down (lower than what is shown in this clip) ioncannon_fire.wav
  8. Nitsuj

    Backwards binds

    When settings binds for mouse2 and mouse3 they are backwards. So to get mouse2 set I have to click mouse 3 and same goes the other way around. Its not a big issue once its realized but thought I'd mention it.