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  1. Duwang-

    NA 4v4 Pugs

    I made a Pug Group on Steam to host NA 4v4 CTF pugs and occasionally TDM. If anyone is interested or has the spare time on Saturday evenings (weekends really) try to pay attention to announcements to play. I wanna also encourage newer players to join and play. =) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RANAPugs - 4v4 CTF pug group on Steam. https://discord.gg/uFRM3 - Official Reflex Arena Discord server.
  2. Fucking agreed 100%, game is empty.
  3. I've already addressed these issues but maybe I wasn't being specific enough but to put it quite simply there is a learning curve to just being able to play Duels "casually" especially considering I'd say roughly 95% of FPS players nowadays on Steam haven't touched an Arena Shooter and or have shown any interest in playing them because AFPS games like Quake have always been considered hardcore. To just be able to play Duel at a competent level you need to learn to move faster than 500ups, use weapons correctly, and have at least an understanding of what Armor cycling is... to the newer player this seems tedious and boring for just being able to play the game. The reason why Reflex needs more objective based team game modes is because the more casual audience that will fuel this game will get a sense of accomplishment out of fragging their opponent and capturing objectives. Can map makers please make maps for CTF and KovaaK's Attack/Defend idea? I feel as if we all acknowledge the fact that Reflex needs to change up a bit to gain any sort of audience but we're all pulling in different directions half the time. So while the game is still new, let's make up our minds before game dies out, aight?
  4. To hell with it, add competitive game modes for these "casual" game modes too so that way the more casual players can feel good about themselves too.
  5. Also keep uncapped speed for game modes like Dueling / Clan Arena / CTF. Because those are good COMPETITIVE game modes.
  6. If you want to make your game more enjoyable for newer players (some even completely brand new to arena shooters) you'll want to #1 add game modes like King of the Hill and Control Points to give a more obvious objective to the game, #2 create various casual and competitive rule sets for each of these game modes changing the properties for weapons, weapon loadouts and even making a speed cap, and #3 make your map makers design maps specifically for these game modes. Note: I believe Dueling shouldn't change. Don't make any quick assumptions.
  7. I can't play like this, can we go back to the old Competitive Ruleset...? +fwd rockets and +back rockets has become stupid good. Yo I might be a half assed player and I might not perform nearly as well as the other bigger fish but you gotta all admit the Rockets are fucked and the IC isn't the IC without some knock back. The Bolt Rifle is fine no one gives a shit about the Bolt Rifle. Can we also acknowledge the potential of the Plasma Gun?
  8. Had to drop out sadly due to my phone breaking and forgetting my very old email for my Steam account, which led to me not being able to log in. Sucks. If anyone knows any way to somehow login without a Steam Mobile Authenticater or Email that would be handy.
  9. Duwang-

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    It's not the +back, most positions with Ic feels shitty
  10. I understand that newer players might only hit around ~16-24% IC but can we not agree on the fact that IC has been totally removed from the game and that it is used maybe 10% of the time? I no longer find it useful in any way what so ever. Why use IC when Rockets have such a large blast radius now and have such insanely large knock back? I swear every player uses Rockets 70-80% of the time maybe switching over to peck them with the Bolt Rifle for additional damage. There really is no real opportunity to use the IC, I can't stress how awkward it feels to instead of comfortably hold my position and use IC... +back and spam Rockets in their general direction hitting them once bouncing them then hitting another 2-3 directs easily. It's more fun to use every weapon at your disposal instead of just spamming Rockets and hitting a Bolt every time they waltz into your sight line. Can we not nerf the Rocket's knockback BY A LARGE MARGIN? Maybe have the Grenades actually deny chokes? Have the IC's knock back somewhere in between where it used to be and where it is now, because it feels non existent? Am I not the only person who feels this way? IC just doesn't feel right anymore...
  11. Duwang-

    Experimental Wishlist

    Not every has Plasma pretty sure.
  12. Duwang-

    Experimental Wishlist

    How about making a map that is similar to Elder in a sense where instead of using the Key to unlock the door for a shortcut why not have the Stake Gun used as a shortcut instead? ...making it easier to access I dunno the Mega or something. I think that would be neat.
  13. Duwang-

    someone start an NA tourney?

    Sane link your Steam profile, I wanna Duel
  14. Duwang-

    someone start an NA tourney?

    Then you'd need to do something between (12 am) - (2 to 3 pm) to make something work for most of us.
  15. Duwang-

    Second European newb cup now made weekly!

    Wanted to compete in both, but I guess I'd prefer to compete in that