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  1. moshmaNNN

    Yet another democall

    How the heck do I record demos in this game? I had a game on Aerowalk with a triple one shot spawn kill run and I'm sad that I can't share it lol.
  2. moshmaNNN

    So, I was bored and made some sound effects...

    I do prefer distinct sounds as well. I'm still working on replacing all the sounds. Just a fun project I wanted to kill some time with. I can upload these when I'm done if people are interested.
  3. I was bored as all get out this past weekend so I decided it would be fun to take my modest skillset in audio mixing and resample and remix some sounds for reflex. I'm not done yet as there are other I need to complete as well as to polish up the ones in place, but this has proven to be a fun little spontaneous project. Wadda y'all think?
  4. moshmaNNN

    Additive hitsounds widget - ADDON LIFE

    Sick AF bro. Was wondering if there was a way to have the hitsounds not stack on top of each other. Like the hitsound .wav has to finish completely playing before the next instance plays.
  5. moshmaNNN

    About replacing sounds

    Um, it's a freaking alpha build. Duh.
  6. Found a work around to get it working... Thanks though.
  7. Hey, trying to make some custom made sound effects to replace the ambiguous-esk ones that come with the game. Yes, I know there's a Q3 pack floating around, but I hate them (the Q3 sounds) so I wanted to take things in my own hands by making some wav files myself. The problem isn't in creating them, that is going just fine, but rather some of them don't play in game once I have the sound file properly named and in it's correct directory path. Where there is supposed to be a sound effect in game, there isn't one, just silence instead. Normally I use Mono 16-bit PCM at 22050hz for the *.wav files.