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  1. Where do I YouTube?

    Cheers for the help dude and at least you've acknowledged some interest. Be aware that this is deliberately intended to appear completely insane. I'd be happy to talk with you all about if you would be willing. There's a very methodical approach to the madness xD
  2. Painkiller Sounds Ported To Reflex -now in .pak form

    Big changes, lovely to adjust the db output on the sounds and now I think they're fixed to my tastes /sort of in line with the original game files. If anyone else wants a little help with these sounds because I love the PK sounds, I can help adapt them if people demand it.
  3. Painkiller Sounds Ported To Reflex -now in .pak form

    Yo guys, so I've been playing around with a few of the sounds in this file. I fixed the ioncannon.wav in cubase, cut it in half, and now it worksproperly with the 'new patch' because the file was originally 'too long' / negatively interacting with the fire rate of IC. So as normal: reflexfps etc... locate your: internal.pak Open it up with winrar find the ioncannon folder to replace the old IC_fire.wav if you still have the old PK sound which conflicts with the new fire rate and archive it into your internal.pak. I still need to adjust the decibel output to fit more with the game sounds but that's something that almost anyone can do with any audio engineering software like Audacity (just reduce or increase the db of the file, extract it as a .wav, then archive it once again in the internal.pak) If anyone has a better solution I'd love to hear it, literally. I'm still fighting / trialing with the db output to fit with the game sound but it now works properly with the new patch. Just the magical audio mastery / EQ now. ioncannon_fire.wav
  4. Calendar - terit4

    Yis my friend. FOR COMMUNISM!