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  1. Qualia

    me_getmaterial Command Fails

    I bound the command me_getmaterial to a key and it wasn't executed when I pressed it. My build number is 1.0.7.
  2. Qualia

    Effects Volume Value Textbox

    The Effects Volume value text box doesn't update the value after it's entered. My build number is 1.0.7.
  3. ‚ÄčI genuinely wish I could hope to dodge rockets better, but it seems like the pace of the movement and the current state of the knockback effect of the IC inevitably let opponents close the distance to me as quickly as to simply forbid any attempt to maintain the range to dodge. I think this is only a problem by me since the IC damage is not higher than it is now, but as I have already stated, I have no intention to subvert the apparent will of the majority to keep the IC at its current state. Stressing this just now has reminded me of a contemplation I have had for a long time now. It is concerned with making the IC damage increase with each consecutive hit, up to a maximum limit (say 7), then drop to a minimum value again (say 4) when a single shot is missed, thereby amplifying the damage output resulting from more consistent tracking when using it. Just out of sheer curiosity, I would like to know whether you find this notion appealing or not.
  4. If the current state of the IC and its limited utility are supported by most, as it appears in this thread, then I will not pursue any further attempts to bring rebalancing it into consideration. Nonetheless, I am very much bothered by how devastating rockets are in comparison, particularly for how little challenge there is, evidently, in making efficient use of them. I would, then, like to urge they be made more easily interchangeable with other weapons by reducing the radius of their splash damage by about 20%, thereby demanding more precise target trajectory prediction when using them. This should be desirable in aspiration to keep the weapon balance in line with the premise of the game, specifically the encouragement of constant, swift and fluid movement, rather than emphasis on maintaining position during combat around choke points and items. Regardless, I will certainly be awaiting an increase in the PG damage soon.
  5. As some of you may have noticed, since the last reduction in the ion cannon damage, even having nearly the best target tracking humanly possible whilst using the weapon will not reward one with the ability to sport higher damage output than they would using rockets, even though target tracking is virtually more challenging in Reflex than it is in any other FPS game in recorded history. In addition, plasma, the supposed ultimate choice of a weapon for combat in relatively narrow corridors and when being chased around corners and curved walls, consistently ubiquitously fails to provide more damage output than rockets. Arguably worse and most prominent, even at close range, achieving any arbitrary degree of damage output using plasma seems to require significantly more effort than it would to achieve the very same one using the ion cannon, while both weapons seem to share a common damage output ceiling at that range, making plasma about as useful as grenades, if not inferior to them. Hence, with the axe, burst gun, shotgun and grenade launcher serving as extremely circumstantial weapons, the Reflex metagame experience is, quite literally, brutally dominated by the usage of rockets and rails. Therefore, regardless of having not inquired into the existence of any option for fetching accuracy statistics records following a match in order to determine the degree to which my impression is influenced by the netcode and by my ideal ping on public servers, I would please like to ask the damage values of both the ion cannon and plasma be examined and increased, seeing how the fire rates of both are seemingly at their conceivable maximum. Also, I would appreciate any response to this post detailing any identification with or alienation by the impression depicted in it, as well as any support for or opposition to my request.