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  1. pUlseEater

    Reflex League - Beta Season

    Will there be demos availible of all games?
  2. pUlseEater

    Reflex 0.46.3

    God bless have fun
  3. pUlseEater

    Reflex 0.46.2

    New sound gave me a headache:0
  4. The experimental rockets are really really enjoyable and funny, very overpowered though. If ruleset_experimental_stake was the actual game, combined with the old and not yet nerfed movement man would that that be crazy The rockets ARE kind of random though and needs a nerf imho, but I like the idea of a big area of splash damage. ^__^
  5. pUlseEater

    Reflex 0.40 - Statistically insignificant

    Ive been inactive the last couple months because of IRL stuff but holy shit this looks good!!!1 I have to play as soon as I am done with my exams
  6. pUlseEater

    Bolt Rifle Hook (idea)

    Sounds awesome!!
  7. pUlseEater

    [Completed] 2016-02-20 | Rama Cup #1

    Sorry, i cant make it bcus of work
  8. pUlseEater

    Is this feasible?

    Sounds cool af
  9. pUlseEater

    What the future holds for reflex?

    I am very interested in this aswell =) Ive been thinking some about matchmaking and how it would work with the small player base atm. I see some problems, for example if you are the worst player in active mm at a point, or the worst player willing to play mm over a time, you will end up playing the same player (the second worst) and just losing games upon games upon games. If you have an elo you will watch it slowly disappear which feels sad. If you have a rank you will never rank up until you get good in "casual games", but since the good players are probably playing mm how will you find good practice? My point is that with this small community it is actually quite a big possibility that you will be the best or worst player active for a day, a week or even a month, a problem you dont have in bigger ladders like starcraft or counter strike. This is why I feel like it could be bad implementing ranked/matchmaking too early. It would make the game seem even more "difficult" for the new players.
  10. pUlseEater

    Suggestions, War: Final Assault

    Seekax comes with the responds I thought of as I read your post. But I do think OP is right in that we need some new game modes, I myself would really like to see some control point/capture point/king of the hill style maps. Also, I do think that it would be cool if reflex got just a smaaaaaall buff to air control, but this is just my personal taste, and air control as in cs would be totally ridicoulus
  11. pUlseEater

    Custom cameras

    Sounds like a cool idea
  12. pUlseEater

    My opinion on things

    Sorry didnt mean it that way. Just wanted to make fun of how many times you used the words "fucking". =) Rest is just my reasoning.
  13. pUlseEater

    My opinion on things

    Strange opinion considering it wasnt on any map. Probably would have made a lot of players who dont like the boltfests happier if some maps used the stake instead of the bolt. I 100 % disagree with this. Nades are way too powerful, and considering how good the IC now has become the rockets need to be easier. When was the last time you saw a rocket push someone AWAY rather then straight up into the air? When was the last time you actually juggled an opponent, or even hit an airshot? IMO rockets are the biggest flaw in the game atm. Just try QL or CPMA and you will instantly get a different, much more powerfull feeling from the RL. As for the plasma gun wouldnt you agree that it could use atleast a smaaaall buff? Im not sure on this one tbh. FUCKING FUCKITY FUCK FUCKING FUCK. Yea I agree with you but common. Timers are so bad for the competition, atleast in my opinion, that if that is what it takes then so it is.
  14. pUlseEater

    There need to be major weapon balancing changes

    Troll? Played 5 hours?
  15. pUlseEater

    My opinion on things

    1. Dont know about this. 2. Yes! I agree with this! 3. Yes! I agree, though we totally disagree on what needs to be fixed! xD Imho the shotgun, burstgun and IC are the weapons that feel good atm. I agree with you on that the rocket should be the game's "main weapon", sadly I feel that the rockets are the weapons which play the worst in this game right now. The rockets feel bad in many ways, whenever I play CPMA it's just astounding how much better the rockets feel! I think this is a combination of hitbox, (very hard to hit air rockets in reflex) splash damage, (splash damage is high but the radius of the dmg is small) and the projectile origin (feels different - some people including me would say worse - then quake). With a strong IC the rockets needs to be easier and/or stronger! I also think that the nades are way too strong. You happen to walk over a ginormous fucking hitbox on the ground? Boom 100 dmg. You try to chase a weak nade-spamming player with rockets? Well you better get lucky. I would make the hitbox smaller and decrease the damage of an indirect nade to 70 - 80. As for the plasmagun... Yea it dosnt really suit a role, i just use it whenever I dont have anything else or wanna troll haha x) 4. I hope they find a way to remove timers from competitive play without restricting what hud you are using. That would be cool. Personally I like the idea of the CPM clock but the QL clock is cool aswell. 5 I play on low settings, so I have no problem with this.