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    DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: https://github.com/rfredette/doppelhud/archive/v0.1.zip Github repository (always the most up-to-date version, may be more buggy than the releases): https://github.com/rfredette/doppelhud I'm working on a HUD where the concept is to put important information within the player's field of view, rather than around the outside edge of the screen. Right now, this HUD only has 2 widgets: Health and Armor. Here's how it looks when I'm using it (All the widgets except the health/armor are from Qualx's DP_Two HUD): And here's just the widgets that are part of this HUD pack: Please leave any suggestions or feedback here, as well as any bugs or issues you find with the widgets.
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    Post your Battlestation!

    ASUS may use the same stand for some things, but I'd bet that the ASUS 3D monitor is in most pictures is one of their 144Hz models Source: I have one too
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    HUD Feedback Thread!

    I'm starting to work on a hud where the idea is to put the important info radially around the crosshair. I've only done health and armor bars so far, but the attached image shows those. I want to include the actual numbers for health/armor as well, but I'm not sure how to go about it without just slapping them in there. Any ideas? The other hud elements are from the DP_Two hud, so credit to Qualx for those